Top 5 Benefits of Drupal Development for Your Business

July 26, 2023

If need a complex content management system, you have probably considered Drupal-based platfroms as an option. In today’s evolving world of constant changes, this CMS has proven to be worth attention. Wonder why?

Well, no matter whether you are an individual, agency, or enterprise, you can rely on Drupal to build a website for your business. Furthermore, this platform makes the content management process a real pleasure. It’s flexible, secure, and easy to navigate

Reading this article, you’ll learn the main 5 benefits of adopting Drupal as the primary CMS for your business, why this platform is so popular among business owners, and what is one of the primary advantages of Drupal over WordPress. Stay tuned!

Tool for Content Management: You Can Access Content Moderation and Architecture

Drupal is a powerful tool for content management. Its flexible architecture allows developers to customize the system to meet the project requirements. Content management and version control features make this CMS platform easy to navigate. Thus, many business owners worldwide choose Drupal as the backbone of their multilingual websites. Simply put, there are two primary benefits Drupal development brings.

  • Ease of use. Uploading, reviewing, and editing content before it goes live doesn’t make much of a hassle anymore. Its user-friendly interface allows you to manage content without spending hours learning how to deal with that system.
  • Customization. A custom content workflow configuration benefit of Drupal comes second. You can define user roles and control access permissions to ensure a proper content management process. This helps make sure that the content reaches the audience on time. Besides, it minimizes the risk of glitches, as you can restrict the access. You define who of the administrators can view, edit, and publish content, as well as grant more advanced access abilities to certain platform users.

Regular content publishing lies at the core of marketing strategy for any business, and Drupal helps to make this process smooth.

Drupal Handles Code the Right Way

One of the core Drupal advantages is that it’s open-source, meaning it’s free to download. Its open-source nature has fostered a huge community of developers who share knowledge about installing, using, and customizing the platform. The ability to get a quick explanation allows developers to move on with platform customizing instead of spending hours browsing piles of info with the hope of finding a response.

Along with nurturing a dedicated community, Drupal handles code the right way. Its coding structure is designed to easily manage large data sets, which is highly beneficial for small businesses that need to manage complex website operations.

Drupal’s head-on approach to code building

  • speeds up the website loading time, ensuring a better user experience;
  • provides automated code updates, excluding the need to interfere with the core code, thus reducing the risk of bugs.

Drupal is Flexible

If you have ever wondered what is Drupal best used for, the answer is everything. Be it a blog, eCommerce platform, wiki, or any other type of website, Drupal can fully satisfy your functionality needs. Initially, this CMS platform was designed as a web app framework that can be adjusted to your needs, and it has managed to meet its primary goal. It allows you to add:

  • videos;
  • polls;
  • blogs;
  • podcasts;
  • statistics.

The secret of Drupal’s flexibility lies in its modular architecture. There are already over 36,000 available modules you can use to create the functionality you need. Additionally, Drupal-based websites guarantee cost-savings in the long run. Due to its flexibility to integrate new modules when the need for extra features arises, Drupal has an advantage over WordPress, which often requires custom coding for this task.

Drupal Is Secure

Most open-source web development platforms have lots of vulnerabilities. Luckily, it’s not the case with Drupal. This CMS is known for its robust security protocols.

Developers regularly release updates and patches to ensure the framework's security is unbreakable. This includes:

  • Sophisticated encryption methods. Security certificates like SSL, HTTPS, and TLS ensure secure data transmission between the website and its users, excluding the risk of eavesdropping and interference.
  • Granular user permissions. Limiting user access to sensitive website areas based on user roles prevents the system from unauthorized access, messed up admin panel, and potential data breaches.
  • Password policies. Drupal poses strong password requirements for user accounts to ensure proper website protection. You must use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, add special symbols, and update the password regularly.
  • DDoS protection. Limiting the number of requests from a single IP address within a certain time frame and caching content, Drupal eliminates the risk of DDoS attack.

Apart from that, Drupal offers the possibility to integrate third-party modules to improve the web app’s security level.

Multilingual Capabilities

Drupal’s multilingual capabilities are impressive compared to any other CMS provider. It offers many features to support different languages’ peculiarities. Let's take a closer look. With Drupal you can:

  • add languages easily. Drupal supports around 100 languages which can be added to your website in a few clicks. You can set any of them as default and change whenever you need it.
  • built-in translation available. Wondering what is Drupal good for? - Translation. With its famous localization feature, Drupal lets you translate any detail of the interface, including menus and user roles. It even adjusts dates to a specific country’s format.
  • right-to-left support. Languages like Hebrew and Arabic have an unusual right-to-left text direction, and Drupal supports this!
  • language switcher available. It’s easy to give your user the ability to shift languages quickly. Just use a simple Drupal block to add a basic list-type switcher of languages on your website.

Website localization is not a big deal with Drupal. It is one of the main Drupal advantages after robust security. Any part of the website: blocks, menus, contact forms, taxonomy, dates, or comments can be translated into any language you need. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that with automated translation, the content may not be completely correct. Still, it’s good enough to convey business ideas.


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