Top reasons why should you choose CBSE over other boards?

July 3, 2023

The Indian education system is one that’s characterized by excellence, discipline, development, inclusivity, and modernity over anything else. For quite some time now, CBSE schools have proved to be the bulwark behind this image, and as an informed parent, searching for CBSE schools near me on the internet makes quite a lot of sense.

Expanded as the Central Board for Secondary Education, CBSE can rightly be termed as the national board of India, and several reasons and factors drive that point home. While state boards and the ICSE are dominant players in their respective market segments, it is CBSE that has managed to achieve all that there is to be achieved.

Here, we will be taking a look at some of the top reasons why you must consider sending your ward to the best schools in Bangalore that are affiliated to the CBSE over anything else there is, and what are some of the extraordinary advantages that this decision of yours can bring to the table. So, let’s get started.

A well-researched and developed curriculum

While there’s a massive number of boards and curriculums that are being followed all over the country, it is CBSE that comes out at the very top, thanks to its thoughtfully-crafted curriculum that has been designed by some of the top industry experts there are. Moreover, the course has been designed in such a way that that complies with the highest standards of job orientation and technical insights.

Well-suited for improved higher studies and competitive exams.

If your child is someone who wishes to witness themselves as IIT or AIIMS alumni in the future, going for the best CBSE schools in Bangalore would be the right thing to do. You see, the CBSE education syllabus is tied up to the NCERT, and thus, most of the education that is imparted in these institutions is out of Council books and materials. If you are familiar with competitive exams like NEET and UPSC, you would be able to guess where we are going with this.

Familiarity with the concepts and material style from an early age would help your children have a competitive edge over the others, and this is one of the primary reasons why you must go for a CBSE school over anything else.

Easy relocation.

CBSE features the widest network of schools in India and is backed up by the fact that all of them follow a centralized curriculum, relocations would be a walk in the park. In many cases, parents are engaged in jobs that call for periodic transfers and relocations, and among all the speed-breakers there are, the child’s education is what bears one of the heaviest brunt.

The centralized nature of the courses allows for seamless transitions between schools and states, thereby ensuring continuity and uniformity on a scale that’s not featured anywhere else.

Linguistic inclusivity.

It's no secret that not all families and individuals in India are familiar with the English language, and this is something that proves to be a major roadblock when it comes to ICSE or International Schools. CBSE is one of the only major boards out there that features a bilingual educational medium (English/Hindi). This helps children get the best of both worlds while not subjecting them to agonies arising out of linguistic and cultural barriers.

A consistent grading system.

One of the primary complaints that parents and students have had regarding state boards is their erratic grading and assessment systems. State boards often possess their own individual agendas behind inflating such differences, but it is the CBSE schools near me that have managed to do away with such partialities.

The board follows an extremely well-tuned and consistent marking system, something that helps the students achieve their career goals without being left out due to inter-board differences.

Well, the aforementioned insights should’ve given you a fair idea about the factors why you must consider opting for a CBSE school in Bangalore over anything else. If you are in a fix regarding the best schools in Bangalore that you might consider opting for that falls under the ambit of the CBSE in the city, fret not, as Vibgyor Rise is here to help.

Established in 2004 under the skillful guidance of visionary leader and edupreneur, Mr. Rustom Kerawalla, the Vibgyor Group has rapidly grown to become one of the leading schools in the country that offers a CBSE curriculum. They are currently present in several locations in Bangalore, an achievement that has been mirrored in other parts of the country as well.

Some of the prime factors that make Vibgyor Rise institutions better than the rest are as follows.

  • They offer a holistic and all-around development program for their students, something that not only involves educational excellence but co-curricular mastery as well.
  • A fee structure that makes it accessible for many students.
  • Class-leading student-teacher ratio of 15:1 that allows for a wholesome learning experience.
  • A well-coordinated and stringent standard is maintained all across their institutions.
  • A massive network of Vibgyor Rise institutions all over the nation is something that makes migration that much easier.

Final take:

Your search for the top schools in Bangalore doesn’t have to be unnecessarily difficult or cumbersome. CBSE schools are some of the bests that the Indian educational ecosystem has to offer in this day and age. Search for the top Vibgyor Rise CBSE schools near me and supercharge your child’s future better than ever before.


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