Transform Your Space with Captivating Wall Murals

July 4, 2023

Are you looking to transform your space with a fun, captivating sign solution? Do you have a blank wall that is just asking to be upgraded?

Wall murals are the perfect way to add personality to a space, create an inspiring work environment, and be unquestionably memorable to employees, clients, guests, and customers alike. With a splash of color, vivid graphics, clear images, and thought-provoking phrases, make people say "wow” when they walk into your business with New York wall murals.

Why Wall Murals are Perfect for Your Business

Every business has a unique set of challenges and objectives, which makes choosing your signage very important. Each sign solution offers a unique set of advantages, and wall murals are no different.

Imagine walking into a business lobby and being welcomed with a bright, colorful, and creative wall mural. Not only is it a memorable experience at that business, but it also is the perfect way to seamlessly incorporate branding into your workspace. With colors, graphics, images, and phrases, showcase your brand in a fun way that will be remembered.

The fun, creative environment that you create in your workplace by installing a wall mural is not only to encourage a positive user experience for customers. It is also to inspire your employees. The more positive and inspiring a space is or makes you feel, the more likely your employees with be productive, motivated, and creative themselves.

Wall murals are commonly made with vinyl, which is a durable, versatile material. Vinyl offers a high degree of customization, and vinyl murals are known for being long-lasting, which makes this sign solution a great investment.

How to Take Workspaces to the Next Level: Wall Murals

Discover the perfect wall mural for your business by understanding the options you have access to!

Full-wall murals are a great way to fully transform a space. Instead of having an accent wall in your lobby or office, try a wall mural instead. This custom business signage solution offers the space needed to include full images or inspirational quotes, as well as get very creative with the design included, as you can see the fine details from up close and afar.

If you’re looking to make a big difference with a small change, try wall stickers. These small decals allow you to install individual designs, images, or phrases without requiring a full wall. Distribute these stickers throughout your office to create a cohesive look and a consistent environment.

Do you want to install a wall mural that is a sure-fire way to stand out from your competitors? There are features that you can request to make your wall mural much more captivating. Illumination is a great way to make sure it is seen from afar and in any lighting, as well as give it a spotlight quality. You could also consider a 3D wall mural, which creates extra dimension in your space and adds a fun illusion to your wall. Transform your business by adding a wall mural people cannot stop talking about!

Where to Find New York Wall Murals

Finding wall murals in NYC is not difficult, but finding captivating, custom wall murals near you is. Street Style Signs makes it easy though, by consistently delivering high-quality, innovative sign solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Our team of dedicated, passionate sign makers and graphic designers are always ready to lend a helping hand in elevating your business one wall mural at a time. Why wait?

Contact us today to begin discussing your wall mural needs.



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