What are the new updates which Microsoft introduce or invent in 2023

July 17, 2023

2022 was an eventful year for Microsoft when Microsoft shared the announcement about launching the application on Windows. Microsoft is the only organization entertaining and educated us for decades. As soon as chatGPT arrived, it breaks every window whether it comes from online background or offline. So in the world of disruption where all the domination is AI, why does Microsoft stay behind, it also announced the top updates in 2023, which we will be using within a year.

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The development of the AI plugin Ecosystem

Microsoft has initiated adopting an open plugin source- allowing collective operations through Chat Gpt and Microsoft Copilot. This will empower developers to create plugins and give paths to consumer and business work across the ecosystem by using Bing, Dynamics 365 Copilot, and Microsoft 365 Copilot. Azure OpenAi supports this plugin standard, it presents paths for developers to build a natural language interface for their applications.

Features of the Microsoft AI plugin

  • Automation: it contains the ability to conduct manual data and generate a report on it.
  • Smart suggestions: it suggests the most recent information based on patterns, behavior and preferences
  • Natural language: it can understand human nature.
  • Integration and Compatibility: Microsoft AI plugins are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing Microsoft products and services, ensuring compatibility and ease of implementation.

Extend Microsoft 365 copilot with plugins

Microsoft announced the introduction of the plugin combinations for Microsoft Copilot, which developers to extend the capabilities to of using it. Using the help of Bing, chatGPT, team massage extensions, and power platform connection enables developers to take leverage from the existing investment and create and recreate new plugins by the source of the Microsoft team toolkit for visual studio code, and visual studio.

Features of Microsoft 365 Copilot

  • Single interference management: it provides a unified interface for managing plugins from one single platform.
  • Simplified workflow: It gives a centralized source for the organization for managing executive operations.
  • Enhanced collaboration: They enable users to seamlessly share documents, schedule meetings, and collaborate in real time, fostering teamwork and improving productivity

Responsible AI: Ensuring Ethical and Accountable Artificial Intelligence

Among several new updates of Microsoft in 2023, Microsoft announced the Azure AI content safety, the software assists businesses to create a safer online environment and communities. It reflects that Microsoft is committed to producing something which contains ethical and responsible features. Being a part of it, tech giants are using Azure AI content safety across all its product. Azure Machine Learning now supports Responsible AI dashboard support, which helps users to detect large amounts of errors and fairness before operations. This amazing feature of the integration of data contains the capability to detect and remove harmful content.

Benefits of Responsible AI

  • Fairness: Technology is designed to produce an AI system that treats all individual groups fairly without bias.
  • Accountability: it refers to an individual or an organization developing and deploying an AI system that should be responsible for the acts and take accountability. The target of arranging this software is to ensure that the AI system is transparent, interpretable and audible, and does not harm in any way.
  • Transparency: it shows the reason behind decision-making In AI systems is clear and understandable.
  • Privacy: it is the major factor of Responsible AI, it refers to the protection of personal information.

Microsoft Fabric: Building Scalable and Resilient Distributed Systems

In the build 2023, Microsoft introduces Microsoft fabric, the revolutionary unified platform for analytics that unleashes the true strength of data in this IA world. Microsoft Fabric is one of the analytical platforms designed for an organization that comes under data, it covers everything from data movement, data storage, data science and real-time analytics.

That is a unified platform that ties diverse technologies and tools under one solution. It offers a comprehensive suite of services, including Data Lake, data engineering, and data integration, all in one place.

Benefits of Microsoft Fabric

  • Data factory: it enables an organization or individual to access a variety of data.
  • Synapsy Data engineering: it is the core project by fabric, it empowers data professionals to collaborate on projects, data integration, business intelligence and data science.
  • Synapse data science: it allows users to work on large and secured data.
  • Synapse real-time analytics: it integrates data from simple and large organizations and enables quick access to data insights
  • Onelake: Onelake is a multi-cloud data lake where you can store large amounts of data, just like one drive.

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Microsoft Dev Box: Streamlining Development with Powerful Tools

There are several more updates from Microsoft, such as Microsoft Dev Box. The Azure service for developers contains new capabilities to enhance productivity. With new customization features that use new configurations as code starters and new developer images in the marketplace, which allows a tailored environment, developers look forward to taking leverage from it.

Features of Microsoft Dev box

  • Visual studios: the cloud-based solution which integrates every source data into one platform.
  • Documentation and learning resources: the cloud-based solution created to store the data, and provide learning sources.
  • Microsoft Azure cloud service: it is a comprehensive cloud service which offers uncountable services.
  • Community support: Microsoft is an active developer community, including blog forums and events, where developers can seek assistance, share knowledge and connect with fellow developers.

Take away

As AI has set the tremendous speed of acceleration, and Microsoft with its 2023 updates, ensure that all kind of business can take leverage from it- whether SMEs or large organization.

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