What Should You Know About Data Wrangling?

July 18, 2023

When just collecting information from websites, you obtain loads of data to handle. Manual processing of hefty info amounts, of course, takes a lot of time. Therefore, reputable web scraping software development companies (like Nannostomus) frequently offer clients help with data wrangling to simplify handling the information you extract. So, let's look at that more specifically.

Key Steps of the Data Wrangling


To understand the main benefits of the described process, you should grasp how it works. Commonly, data wrangling has the following algorithm:

  1. Collection of info from necessary websites. These may be huge marketplaces, social media, open state registers, small local online forums, etc.
  2. Data cleaning. Here, the scraped information passes through the process of error identification. Next, the issues found (like inaccuracies, missing values, or duplicates) are fixed. This way, one obtains high-quality data related specifically to the subject they're interested in.
  3. Transformation of cleaned information. Specialists convert data into standardized and consistent formats. After that, they organize the info. The latter implies the creation of logical relationships as well as a hierarchy. This allows ultimate users to easily navigate across the information.
  4. Data validation. Here, transformed info passes different completeness and accuracy checks.
  5. Visualization of the processed information. As part of this step, specialists make the database compelling for ordinary users. This is the final stage of data wrangling.

As you may see, the mentioned process has quite a simple algorithm. However, it's incredibly important that each stage be conducted properly. That's why you should order data wrangling only from skilled and reputable professionals.

How to Choose Trustworthy Developers


Reliable IT companies always sign official contracts with their clients. This helps avoid disputes during the cooperation process. Agreements usually include the following info:

  • clear deadlines for projects;
  • precise co-working conditions;
  • parties' rights and obligations;
  • ultimate project prices.

Contracts shouldn't contain ambiguous statements, poorly visible inscriptions, or blank fields.

Trusted Developers Work Under Official Licenses

Such permissions should be issued by authoritative commissions. Usually, credible firms that offer data-wrangling services publish permit numbers/scans on their websites or show the licenses upon client requests.

The permissions should have the issue and expiration dates. Moreover, such papers are usually signed as well as sealed. If there're doubts about the authenticity of the license, you may check its number in the database of the authoritative commission that issued the permit.

Qualitative Services of Data Wrangling Can't Be Cheap

Quite a few specialists are involved as part of the described process. Furthermore, each employee should have high qualifications to perform their obligations smoothly. For its part, the work of proficient developers commonly costs a lot. So, data wrangling services just can't be cheap (if an IT company wants to be profitable, of course).

Concluding Lines


Data wrangling service usage saves time and decreases corporate expenses. That's why this kind of info processing is widely employed by insurance, e-commerce, real estate, health care, etc., companies worldwide. You should cooperate only with reputable data wrangling specialists (e.g., from nannostomus.com), though. This is because dubious teams often don't meet current laws when working with online info. This way, you may get into legal trouble.


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