Why Digital Vehicle Inspection Increases Efficiency at Service Centers

July 25, 2023


Digital vehicle inspections provide several benefits to repairers and car owners. They can help eliminate skepticism from customers that they are being overcharged and provide detailed repair costs. When choosing a digital vehicle inspection solution, it is important to identify your business's needs and select software to meet them.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Digital inspections provide the customer with a clear understanding of what is wrong with their vehicle through images and videos, which makes them more confident to decide on repairs. It builds trust and loyalty, which can lead to increased sales. Customers are given a choice of how they would like to view the report: email, text, or in person, which gives them control and enables them to work with their schedule. They no longer have to go to the shop to approve the repair, eliminating a time-consuming bottleneck. In addition, digital inspections are not restricted by travel restrictions that halt the flow of traditional paper car inspections.

In a constantly scrolling, swiping and tapping world, businesses must meet customers' demands to keep them coming back. It is where digital vehicle inspection comes in, allowing your shop to stand out from the competition and reach customers in ways they prefer. Digital inspection software is a great tool in your shop because it saves time making repair checklists and communicating with customers through their preferred methods, leading to higher customer satisfaction. Using digital vehicle inspection software that integrates with your point-of-sale system is essential as it will streamline the entire process for everyone involved.

Increased Productivity

The automotive industry has been plagued with a need for more skilled talent. The labor shortage is real, and it's not going away anytime soon. Digital inspections help to alleviate the strain on staff and increase productivity. The technology used to do digital checks can scan vehicle information like odometer readings, photos, interior scratches, and wheel details into the inspection report. It allows technicians to do the job quickly and accurately without stopping to walk the customer through a verbal assessment. It makes the whole process much more efficient and helps to reduce wasted time. It also enables the technician to thoroughly describe repairs to consumers so that they may make knowledgeable decisions and comprehend the cost of their services. It removes customers' doubt and makes them feel confident they get a fair repair price.

Additionally, the DVI reports can be shared with the service advisor or sent directly to the customer via email or text, saving valuable back and forth-between the shop and the customers. It also eliminates the need for service writers, which can be an expensive addition to a shop. Customers can easily read through the detailed information, decide whether to approve the recommended work and then make a payment or decline.

Increased Profitability

With many automotive repair technicians retiring or leaving the industry for other professions, finding trained and reliable employees is becoming harder and more expensive. Using digital inspection software helps combat this issue by creating an environment of transparency and trust with consumers. As a result, your customers will be more likely to let your repair recommendations become a reality and ultimately return to your shop for all their auto repair needs. When a driver receives their daily inspection report via text or email, they can instantly understand the full assessment of their vehicle, making it easy to agree on repairs and services. It is much more efficient than a service advisor explaining the full evaluation of a car over the phone or having a customer come back into your shop to view the explanation. Your business can be more profitable by going paperless and staying organized with a fully digital vehicle inspection. With a fully digital vehicle inspection, you can set up charges or discounts within the inspection, which is linked to each repair order in your system. It makes it easy for your team to sell more work and keep your customers happy at the same time.

Increased Efficiency

Rather than handing customers paper inspections that pile up and may get lost, digital inspections operate solely in software that can be accessed from any computer. It helps save on paper, ink cartridges and printer maintenance costs. It also helps ensure that an accurate and standardized estimate is produced. Technicians can also get granular with their inspection using the system, which means that more detail is included in each section. It makes it easier for service advisors to explain a specific issue to motorists and help build trust and confidence in the shop.

Digital vehicle inspections can include photos and videos that help give a complete picture of the damage to the customer. It is especially helpful with dents, scratches and odometer readings that can be difficult to see. It can also be a huge benefit for fleet managers trying to meet strict regulations by providing a comprehensive record of vehicle inspections and ensuring that vehicles are fully compliant. It is important to communicate quickly and effectively with today's busy motorists. Digital assessments allow customers to review and approve repairs with a simple click from their smartphone or email. It keeps them engaged in the repair process and will enable them to make confident decisions when supporting estimates.


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