Why Office Refurbishments Are At An All-Time High And The Benefits Of Investing In Yours This Year

July 13, 2023

Following an uncertain few years, workers are now returning to offices, but the world of work has changed. Gone are the days of cubicles and windowless workspaces: modern employees have high standards, and businesses are working to meet them.

As such, it’ll come as no surprise to many that office refurbishment is at an all-time high in London and also incredibly popular throughout the UK. Large corporations are particularly keen to revitalise their workspaces and create a welcoming, productive environment for their employees.

This rise in office refurbishment projects is particularly impressive when you consider that the UK economy is struggling right now, thanks to rampant inflation and stagnant wages. Despite this, companies are willing to invest their cash in rejuvenating their offices because they understand the many benefits this practice can bring. If you’re considering an office fit-out in 2023, but aren’t sure if it’s worth the risk, then here are some of the many benefits and reasons why offices are being refitted throughout the country right now.

Outdated Offices Give A Bad Impression

From reflecting your company values and impressing visitors to demonstrating employee investment and showcasing innovation, your office space can be a powerful tool in your branding strategy. A refurbished, well-designed office can impress clients and business partners, showcasing your company as modern, innovative, and employee-centric. Meanwhile, an outdated office could give the impression that your business is struggling or not interested in its image.

A Well-Laid Out Office Can Boost Productivity

An office space that’s designed with the employee’s comfort and needs in mind can help in boosting productivity. Factors that can mean better engagement and more work from employees include ergonomic furniture, strong lighting, and spaces for relaxation and breaks. Also, the layout of your office space can affect the ease with which your staff navigate it and make it easier for them to quickly access amenities that they need, such as the printer or vending machine. To make the most of your office fit out, use an experienced contractor like Amos Beech. They will help you to create a productive space that’s optimised for your business’s unique needs.

Your Office Can Embody Your Company’s Values

A well-designed office can embody your organisation’s values and culture. For example, if your company values collaboration, having open, communal spaces for teamwork demonstrates this. If sustainability is a priority, using eco-friendly materials and implementing green practices in your office shows commitment to this value. This alignment between physical space and corporate values can strengthen your brand identity and make it easier for staff and visitors to see your ethics in action.

A New Office Could Help You Embrace New Ways Of Working

The pandemic led to more employees working remotely out of necessity, and during this time, many of these staff members saw the benefits of working from home. As a result, even today, long after the lockdowns were lifted and the world got back to what could be considered normal, hybrid working is here to stay. Most businesses like the culture that in-office work cultivates but have combined this with the flexibility that remote work offers to their staff by allowing them to work from home a few days of the week, and come into the office for the rest. With this rise of hybrid working models, it's essential for companies to adapt their spaces to accommodate both remote and in-office workers. A refurbished office can cater to these needs, creating a more flexible and adaptable workspace.

It's Easier To Embrace Technology In A Well Laid-Out Office Space

Technology is changing everything about the way we work, but only when it’s used correctly. An office that incorporates the latest technology, flexible workspaces, and smart design elements can showcase your company as an innovative, forward-thinking entity. A high-tech office can be particularly important in industries where innovation and adaptability are key differentiators, so it’s worth considering whether you can enhance your office to embrace more tech.

It Can Save Money In The Long Run

While refurbishing an office requires an upfront investment, it can lead to cost savings in the long run. This can be through more efficient use of space, reduced energy costs due to energy-efficient improvements, or fewer sick days taken by employees due to a healthier work environment. Your office space could be affecting your staff’s well-being, which could mean that you have a less collaborative corporate culture and increased employee turnover. So, while it might be difficult to put a numerical value on the long-term savings you could make from improving your office layout, they could be significant.

A Quick Summary

In conclusion, while an office refurbishment requires careful planning and investment, the long-term benefits in terms of employee productivity, morale, cost savings, and enhanced brand image can be substantial. So, as the benefits listed here attest, investing in office refurbishment has moved from being an optional luxury to a strategic necessity. As such, it’s worth considering investing your business’s hard-earned cash in an office refurbishment if you’re looking to grow and prosper over the coming months.


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