10 Questions You Should Ask Your Tile Shower Installer

August 4, 2023

Choosing to install a tile shower in your home can greatly increase its value. However, it's crucial to hire a qualified and skilled tile shower installer to ensure the best results. Don't make the mistake of hiring an unqualified professional for this important project.

Don't waste your time and money replacing a shower that's barely two years old. With this guide, you can effectively assess and hire a qualified installer for your project. By following these guidelines, you can significantly improve the chances of enjoying a tile shower that will stand the test of time. According to the New Creation Tile and Marble LLC, you should focus on the following points.

Qualifications for a Tile Shower Installer

What does their warranty cover?

Enhance your peace of mind with our extended warranty. While many installers typically offer standard one-year coverage, we go above and beyond by providing a lifetime warranty on our showers.

This means that not only do you benefit from our comprehensive warranty, but you also receive the added protection of a manufacturer's lifetime warranty. Leave behind the worry of shower malfunctions with our reliable and long-lasting guarantee.

Which waterproofing system do they prefer?

Discovering the ideal solution to this inquiry may yield a plethora of responses. The crux lies in finding a comprehensive system installation approach. It is crucial to approach with skepticism any tile shower installer who simply relies on a single membrane or paint on product.

When it comes to installing a shower, relying on multiple manufacturers means waving goodbye to warranties. Without a unified warranty, you'll be putting your trust solely in the hands of the installer. However, when you opt for a single manufacturer, you gain the peace of mind of a lifetime warranty. Choose quality and assurance for your shower installation.

Is the installer affiliated with any tile industry memberships or certifications?

When it comes to your shower, opting for multiple manufacturers may mean sacrificing warranty coverage. By choosing a single manufacturer, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a lifetime warranty.

Plus, you can rest assured that the installer has extensive knowledge and experience working with the specific products from that manufacturer. Choose reliability and expertise for your shower project.

Qualifications for Contractors at a Basic Level

These questions will help you navigate the basics of contracting. Make sure to ask your potential tile shower installer the right questions to ensure they provide honest and accurate answers. It's crucial to get all the information you need for a successful outcome.

Will the tile shower installer remain on your project until it is completed?

Ensure that your project is completed without unnecessary delays. Before hiring a contractor, consider asking if they will dedicate their time to finishing your job or if they have a tendency to start new projects before wrapping up the current ones.

Our focus is on ensuring customer satisfaction by dedicating ourselves to one job at a time. While this approach may result in some missed opportunities, our priority is to deliver exceptional service to each customer rather than compromising quality to take on multiple projects simultaneously.

Daily Work Schedule

The key to a successful tile shower installation is maintaining a regular work schedule. By establishing consistent start and stop times, both the installer's progress and your own experience will be more predictable.

Do they have proper licensing and insurance?

Ensure your tile shower contractor has both general liability insurance and workman's comp insurance. These essential insurance policies protect both parties involved. Request proof of insurance before they commence any work to provide peace of mind and security.

How do their customers review or provide references?

A reliable contractor prioritizes client satisfaction and maintains a record of happy clients. In today's digital age, homeowners frequently share their reviews of companies online. Therefore, it is essential to check for reviews of a contractor's company before making a hiring decision.

Consider using reviews solely to gauge a person's personal experiences rather than their level of expertise. Keep in mind that many satisfied customers tend to leave reviews shortly after the completion of a service and may not update their feedback if any dissatisfaction arises in the future.

What safety protocols do they have in place at the jobsite?

Ensuring the safety of both employees and customers is a key priority for reputable contractors. Before hiring, it is prudent to inquire about their use of grounded tools, particularly when working with wet saws or other equipment near water. Additionally, it is essential to ascertain their practices for maintaining cleanliness throughout the day and tidying up after work is completed.

Maintaining a clean worksite is crucial. Our methods include using drop cloths, HEPA air scrubbers, and hanging plastic sheeting from the ceiling. Additionally, we offer house cleaning services upon job completion.

Additional Factors To Take Into Account

What if you desire a modification?

When it comes to your tile installation, we understand that sometimes there may be a feature or design element that doesn't meet your expectations. Rest assured, we are committed to addressing any concerns you may have and creating a shower that you love.

What The Process For Their Billing?

Before starting a job, it is important to address expectations by asking this question. Different contractors may have different payment preferences, such as requesting a deposit or full payment in advance. In our case, we collect a 50% deposit on the day we begin the job. If the job extends beyond a week, we collect 50% of the remaining balance on Fridays. The final payment is due upon job completion.


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