2023 4 of the Best Lowbed Truck Trailer Manufacturers - How to Buy the Best Lowbed Truck Trailer

August 14, 2023


1.TITAN Lowbed Truck Trailers

2.CIMC Lowbed Truck Trailers

3.Bhachu Lowbed Truck Trailers

4.Dangote Lowbed Truck Trailers

The demand for heavy haulage and specialized transportation continues to grow worldwide. Construction, infrastructure, mining, and energy projects require moving oversized loads safely and efficiently. This is where a quality lowbed truck trailer becomes essential. When shopping for your next lowbed truck trailer, you'll want to look at the top brands on the market. In this article, we compare four leading manufacturers - TITAN, CIMC, Bhachu, and Dangote - to help you find the best lowbed truck trailer for your needs.

  1. TITAN Lowbed Truck Trailers

TITAN is one of China's most well-known brands for towing and transportation equipment. The company offers a full range of rugged and durable lowbed truck trailers suited for heavy equipment transport. TITAN lowbed trailers come in different deck lengths and load capacities. You can choose fixed or extendable lowbed models. This provides the possibility to load various heavy cargo. Also TITAN provide fixed deck and detachable gooseneck lowbed truck trailer model, it provide more loading and unloading ways. TITAN uses durable materials like high-strength steel and non-slip diamond plate decking. The axle, suspension, and ramp designs emphasize strength and reliability.

Key advantages of TITAN lowbed truck trailers include excellent manufacturing quality, customization options, and quality after-sales service. The pricing is reasonable for the superior quality. Buyers say the high-quality products are worth the investment. With its heavy-haul capabilities and durability, TITAN lowbed trailers keep equipment safe and secure in transit. Contact our sales team to learn more about how TITAN lowbeds can meet your unique transportation needs.

TITAN lowbed truck trailer

  1. CIMC Lowbed Truck Trailers

China International Marine Containers (CIMC) manufactures various lowbed and flatbed truck trailers. They offer fixed and extendable gooseneck lowbed trailers with single, tandem, tri-axle, and 4-axle configurations. CIMC trailers utilize all-steel construction, with deck capacities up to 100 tons. Non-slip deck coating provides a safe loading surface. Ramps, landing gears, and accessories are also available to choose from.

CIMC lowbed truck trailers come at a slightly higher price, with the advantage of maintaining good structural integrity and durability. The main disadvantage is that after-sales support is not as extensive compared to brands like TITAN. However, overall CIMC trailers provide good value. With quality materials and robust design, CIMC lowbeds are a reliable option for heavy haul transport, though buyers should be aware of the more limited after-sales service. Test driving and inspecting units closely before purchase is recommended when considering CIMC.

CIMC lowbed truck trailer

  1. Bhachu lowbed Truck Trailers

Bhachu Trailers Co.,Ltd is the most professional and innovative trailer manufacturer in China, serving markets across Asia and Africa. Their lowbed truck trailer lineup includes standard axle and multi-axle models ranging from 40 to 120 tons capacity.

A major advantage of Bhachu lowbed truck trailer is the extent of customization offered. You can get your trailer built to your exact specifications in terms of dimensions, capacity, and features. Bhachu lowbed truck trailer provide decent quality at relatively affordable prices. But the quality should be worried aften 3-4 years using. Aftersales service can be hit or miss depending on your location.

  1. Dangote lowbed Truck Trailers

The Dangote Group is an African industrial conglomerate. Through their equipment manufacturing division, they produce heavy-duty lowbed truck trailers for the African market. Single lowbed truck trailer can be customized according to requirements, but due to technical limitations, only fixed low-bed models can be provided. Outriggers, suspensions, etc. can be used according to customer needs. The ladder can only use ordinary spring ramps, and there are not many choices.

The Dangote lowbed truck trailers offer lower price than China and European Manufacturers. On the downside, the quality is not as good as other brands like CIMC and TITAN.

Choosing the Best lowbed Truck Trailer for You

When evaluating lowbed truck trailers, start by looking at your payload needs. Will you be transporting mostly construction equipment like excavators and dozers? Or moving industrial machinery and transformers? This will determine the deck size and axle capacity required. Make sure the lowbed can safely handle the maximum loads without overstressing the trailer.

Also consider the areas you will operate in. Road conditions and regulations vary across regions. Certain brands like Dangote are designed specifically for African terrain while TITAN meets North American standards.

Retractable gooseneck lowbed truck trailer offer more flexibility for loading. But they also cost more than fixed deck models. Review your transport requirements to decide if you need a hydraulic neck.

Compare build quality between brands. A Sturdy steel frame and anti-slip decking are essential. Look at warranty terms as an indicator of durability and the manufacturer's confidence.

Finally, examine the aftersales support available in your regions. Having good parts supply and service access ensures your lowbed truck trailer will last for years.

Based on the above criteria, TITAN and CIMC emerge as two of the strongest lowbed brands worldwide. TITAN trailers are premium quality with excellent quality and technical support. CIMC provides very cost-effective lowbed truck trailer with decent durability. Dangote and Bhachu also make quality lowbed truck trailer for African and Asian markets respectively. Carefully evaluating the options will help you pick the lowbed truck trailer that best fits your heavy haulage needs and budget.

People also ask these questions

What is the maximum height for a lowboy trailer?

And, the maximum legal height of any freight carried by a lowboy trailer can reach 11 feet, 6 inches — as long as the trailer is 24 inches above the ground or under.

What are the advantages of a lowboy trailer?

The curved design of lowboy trailers serves two main purposes: first, the gooseneck allows for easier hitching and unhitching from the towing vehicle; second, the lowered central well creates a lower center of gravity and improved stability for transporting heavy loads.

How much weight can you put on a lowboy trailer?

A two-axle lowboy trailer can support a maximum weight of 40,000 pounds. However, the weight capacity can be increased up to 80,000 pounds by adding additional axles. The length of a lowboy well ranges from 24' to 29.6'.

What can you haul with a lowboy trailer?

Lowboy trailers are ideal for transporting bulldozers, cars, and other large equipment or freight. Basically, anything that won't fit on a flatbed or single-drop trailer. Because lowboy trailers are used to transport such huge and oversized cargo, extra safety precautions must be followed when operating them.


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