3 Common Home Electrical Issues

August 22, 2023

Electrical systems in homes often aren't equipped to handle modern devices, leading to power surges that damage anything plugged into an outlet - possibly leading to fires as a result. This can result in power outages.

If you detect warm outlets or changes to your energy bill, or notice warm or fluctuating energy bills as indicators that your wiring could be unsafe for use in your home, now may be the time to call an electrician. Dealing with electrical safety issues in your home is not pleasant so you need to be ready. Here are the main signs your house's wiring may not be safe.

1. Circuit Overload

If you find yourself frequently having to reset or replace breakers and fuses, consulting an electrician could be invaluable in mapping out the circuits in your home and establishing what safe load rates each one can handle. If a specific appliance keeps tripping a certain circuit, try plugging it into another circuit to see if that resolves the issue.

Electrical overload is a frequent household concern caused by running too many appliances and lights on one circuit, overloading breaker and fuse protection and shutting off current flow when they detect too much power to prevent damage and fires. Some common signs of electrical overloading include tripped circuit breakers, dimming lights or flickering bulbs and hot outlets or switches - should any signs be present along with mild shock sensations when touching switches, contact an electrician immediately.

2. Flickering Lights

Flickering lights could have numerous causes. If they only occur when certain large appliances are running, this is likely an indicator that your circuits have become overloaded and need balancing out. You could try moving plug-in appliances to different outlets or using surge protectors in order to balance out power loads more evenly.

Light bulbs that have become loose may also contribute to flickering; if you feel uneasy removing a light switch to inspect their bulbs yourself, professional services can do this task for you.

If a switch appears loose in your home, it could indicate either that it needs replacing or there is an issue with its wiring in that area. An electrician is best-suited to address such problems safely and correctly. Loose wiring could be caused by insulation deteriorating over time or connectors wearing out due to regular usage; or even animals chewing through cables!

3. Faulty Outlets

Many homeowners assume their electrical outlets are broken when they fail, but many times there are very straightforward reasons for why the outlets do not function. With professional electrician services available locally or even on call 24/7 they can usually easily be corrected by themselves or professional electricians.

If an outlet emits an offensive smell, sparks off, or feels hot to the touch, this could be a telltale sign that too many devices or appliances have been connected and the circuit has become overloaded; or alternatively could signal poor wiring.

An electrician can fix this by tightening wire connections. This will save money and reduce fire hazards in your home.



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