5 Tips For Ball Grooming

August 25, 2023

You might have made up your mind on how to pamper your balls, and that’s a great thing to do! But before you reach for the razor, remember that’s the worst mistake to make.

Shaving your balls can turn out to be a great, unsurpassed, and unparalleled experience! If you want to know how, check out the blog below and get exclusive ball grooming tips!

The Best Way to Take Care Of Your Balls

Caring for your jewels and grooming them can be far easier, less hazardous than before. You can still get 90% cleanliness with a far lower risk of ingrown or an emergency room visit. Here are certain steps to follow:

Obtain The Necessary Equipment

Please, no cartridges or razors. You don't want to risk trapping the delicate, free ballsack skin beneath a stack of razor blades. Instead, you'll need a battery-operated ball hair trimmer and a secure razor for your soon-to-be-smooth instrument.

The all-new Menhood Trimmer will snip the hair close to your skin without damaging it, giving you the impression and overall sense of smoothness. Because ball hair is often fine, sparse, and frail, you won't have a similar stubble-like feel as if trimming your beard.

Trim The Area Beforehand

Before shaving, you should use a trimmer to cut your hair to a short enough length. Aim for a half-centimeter or so on each trim such that it cooperates with the blade while not impeding its performance. It's the same reason you can't shave your facial hair with a razor; you must trim it first to control the shave. If possible, avoid touching the trimmer to the skin and keep the skin firm as you trim.

Take a hot shower

You must warm up the tissue in your scrotum and prepare it for shaving by using lukewarm (but not too hot!) water. This softens the skin and the hairs, making both more susceptible to the blade. Still, it also has another purpose for your Balls.

A shower warms and promotes blood circulation, allowing them to be loose and pliable for shaving rather than creeping up into your tummy like it's -20 degrees. Another important men’s ball grooming tip is to give the region a thorough cleaning.

Apply Pre Trim Gel

Replace the pre-shave oil and shaving cream with a single Menhood Pre-Trim Gel. You'll need anything translucent to track what you're doing and trim or shave precisely. A trim gel would nourish the hair in preparation for the blade. It will additionally render things a little slick, so proceed with caution.

Tighten the skin

We stated it before about the trimming, and we'll say it again: Tighten the skin. It should be fanning out so it is easy and smooth to trim. This will keep folds or wrinkles from becoming entangled in the sharpened teeth of the ball trimmer or obstructing the safety razor.

Again, pre-trim gel on your jewels might make things slick. That's why you shouldn't apply oil to the whole sac; instead, leave certain parts dry, then clean your hands to prevent getting oil on the fingertips while trimming or shaving.

Cold water rinse

After that, rinse your balls with refreshing water (a bath with a Menhood Ball Shower appears like the most convenient approach here). This will shut the pores and reduce the number of ingrown hairs.

Conclusion: Happy Balls Time!

To maintain your precious jewels, a ball trimmer is a must-have. After trimming, a thick Menhood Ball Preserver coating is even more necessary to chill and protect the skin from germs buildup.

The Menhood ball preserver is a highly effective moisturizing ball deodorant that maintains you fresh and moisturized with the goodness of aloe vera. It also makes you dry and comfortable all day.

This will help nourish the skin while preventing inflammation or burn—unlike astringents that you splash on the face, it will not sting. So, follow our guide and pamper your jewels perfectly!



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