Are Your Tiles Are Anti-Skid? How To Know If They Are?

August 30, 2023

Tiles are an integral part of the interior and exterior of any home, office, hospital, etc. They are aestheic, and provide a protective layer not only on the floor but also on the wall. However, they can be pretty much dangerous in moisture sensitive areas like bathrooms, staircases and kitchens. Lapato and lapato finishes can prove to be anti-slip, but they are only effective to only some extent. Elderly persons, and infants, young children or patients in your home may find the matte or lapato finishes slippery. In these cases, the best way to avoid any unexpected accidents is to use anti-skid tiles. Anti-skid tiles not only work well in homes but they can also prove to be very useful in commercial settings where additional protection and safety are needed.

What are anti-skid tiles?

Anti-slip, also known as anti-skid, is a type of floor tile that is specially designed to provide extra traction. It can significantly reduce the chances of a slip and fall accident. Anti-slip tiles are commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, patios, swimming pool decks, and other areas with high moisture content.

Why anti-skid tiles?

If you have areas in your home or business that are wet, anti-skid tile should be your go-to. Moisture can make tiles pretty slippery, especially if they're glossy, but even matte ones can be a bit slippery. Anti-skid tiles have a matte finish and a punch that helps create friction, so accidents are almost a thing of the past. Pick anti-skid if you want to keep accidents to a minimum, and if you know someone with limited mobility or balance issues like seniors, kids, or patients.

Are anti-skid tiles better than ceramic tiles?

The answer to that depends on if you really need it or not. Anti-Slid tiles are ceramic tiles, so they come with all the same features as regular ones, but for extra safety, they have some extra features. For example, they're thicker than regular tiles, so they're stronger and more resistant to water. They also last longer and have a punchy and matte finish, so they're safer than regular ones. Plus, their surface slows down the weathering process.

How identify anti-skid tiles?

If you're worried about slipping on your floor, anti-skid tiles can help. They have a matte finish that helps prevent slips, and they also have a better punch. A punch is a type of tile that has a different texture on the surface that makes it easier to slide on and gives you better grip on the floor. These tiles are usually tested to make sure they have the best R-value rating. Plus, they're safe for households with kids or seniors, so you don't have to worry about your flooring. So why worry about it when you can enjoy it? Have some more doubts? Click here for more inputs and advice.


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