Choosing the Right Residential Movers

August 22, 2023


When hiring residential movers, it is vital to consider their skill set and professionalism. It will impact the efficiency and smoothness of your move.

Start by reading online consumer testimonies and reviews. Additionally, you can seek suggestions from friends and family.

Make sure to inquire about the services and costs of the movers. For example, some companies charge extra for disassembling and re-assembling furniture pieces.


When selecting residential movers in Brooklyn, NY, reputation is a crucial thing to take into account. Ask for references from family and friends who have used movers, and check online reviews and testimonials. A reliable mover will be delighted to give you this information.

When you have a shortlist of potential movers, ask for an in-person estimate at your residence to gauge their level of professionalism and knowledge. It could be a red flag if a mover is unwilling to provide an in-person estimate or seems unprofessional.

During your in-person estimate, please consider whether the mover listens to and answers your questions thoroughly. You should also be aware of any extra fees that may apply, such as storage fees or a charge for moving large or heavy items. Also, ask if the company is available when you need them to move.

Avoid companies that appear to be hiding their identity using multiple names or phone numbers, as this could indicate they are operating fraudulently. This is another red flag if they refuse to provide you with their licensing and insurance details. In addition, look for a company that owns its trucks and equipment rather than renting or borrowing from other companies. It will guarantee the security of your possessions while in transit.


If you're a homeowner looking for a residential moving company to help lighten your load, ask family and friends who have moved recently for recommendations. You can also look for online reviews from homeowners and renters who have used a particular residential mover.

Checking movers' credentials is another crucial step. The certificates can help you determine whether a particular residential mover is legitimate and has the necessary skills to do a great job. Ensure the movers have a license, are insured, and carry adequate liability coverage. You should also check whether the movers have specific training in handling different items, such as antiques or pianos.

An experienced residential mover should also offer a competitive price for the job based on cubic feet and distance to your new home. Be cautious if a moving company offers an extremely low estimate or asks for cash or a large deposit. It may be a sign of fraud, or the company will add undisclosed fees later.

Customer service is the last consideration when selecting a residential moving company. You'll want to look for a responsive company that offers multiple communication channels and a dedicated point of contact to assist you with your move.


A professional moving company must carry insurance coverage to protect your belongings during the relocation. Check if your mover offers general liability and workers' compensation. It covers damages to your possessions and injuries to the movers during transport. You should also ask what type of valuation protection they offer.

Released value protection, the essential option required by federal law, may cover up to 60 cents per pound of your items in the case of loss or damage. Some movers may offer customers the opportunity to supplement this with third-party insurance coverage that is often more affordable, typically costing around 1% of the total value of your shipment.

In addition, you should make sure that your mover has a valid US DOT number and is licensed by your state regulatory body. By checking the regulators' websites, you can determine the license requirements in your state.

Finally, look at the customer service and communication channels your potential mover offers. A company that provides responsive support and dedicated customer service representatives can help ensure a stress-free moving experience. Check out the variety of options for contacting the company, such as phone, email, and online chat, to evaluate the effectiveness of their customer service. It will help you plan your relocation, understand their services, and avoid surprises on your move's day.


It's essential to compare prices from a few different companies. Make sure to get estimates based on in-home surveys or detailed inventories of your belongings, not just over-the-phone guesses. These quotes will give you an accurate idea of the overall moving costs and help you avoid surprises.

It also helps to consider the size of your property. For example, local movers in New York charge less to move the contents of a studio apartment or small one-bedroom home than a three-bedroom house. It is because there are typically fewer items to move, and the movers don't have to travel as far.

Consider the movers' professionalism during the estimate. If they seem disorganized or uninterested, it might be a sign that they'll be challenging to work with during the actual move. On the other hand, if they act confident and knowledgeable, it's a good sign that they know what they're doing.

Additionally, be wary of any movers who require cash or a large deposit before beginning the job. It is a red flag that they might try to scam you or add hidden fees later. Legitimate movers will also provide a written contract for your move, listing their estimate and any extra charges that apply. Check if the company offers multiple communication channels, indicating their responsiveness.


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