Coliving in New York pros, cons

August 30, 2023

Co-living, by its very nature, is an image of the community. It's about living with people who share your values and with whom you can have a deeper relationship.

Co-living is much more than just a place to sleep. These are places where people come together to socialize, work and spend time. In many ways, this is similar to life in student dormitories but intended for adults.

Co-living is common throughout the world but is especially popular in metropolitan areas such as New York, San Francisco, and London.

This is popular because coliving provides affordable housing for young professionals who might otherwise have difficulty finding independent housing.

How does coliving work?

Most co-living properties are converted apartments or houses converted into hostels.

Each tenant has his own bedroom, but the kitchen, living room, and other common areas are used by everyone.

This organization reduces rental costs and also allows residents to get to know each other and their co-living neighbors better.

Some coliving rentals additionally provide amenities such as shared meals, regular social events, and on-site laundry services.

In some cases, there are also workspaces (co-working spaces) where residents can work and do their own thing.

What are the benefits of coliving?

The most obvious benefit of coliving is its greater affordability compared to living alone or renting a traditional apartment.

Because you share space with other people, it's easier for you to make friends and create social connections. This is especially important if you have just arrived in the city or you have a small social circle in this place.

Co-livings are often famous for their strong sense of community. They usually attract people who are passionate about their work, hobbies, and city life. It can give your life more joy and fulfillment.

What are the disadvantages of coliving?

Coliving is not for everyone. If personal privacy is important to you and you value having your own space, this may not be your option. Since you will be living with other people, there is always the potential for conflict.

It is worth noting that the cost of co-living can also be higher compared to traditional apartments, although this depends on the location and the amenities provided included in the price.

Who is coliving for?

Coliving is an excellent solution for young professionals who want to save on rent and expand their social circle.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys socializing and is comfortable in close contact with other people, living together may be the perfect choice for you.

Average rental costs in co-living are significantly lower than in traditional apartments, which will allow you to save monthly.

Moreover, co-living focuses on communication, providing many opportunities for acquaintances and new friendships.

Whether you're looking for affordable housing or want to join an active community, coliving can be the perfect solution for you.

What is the cost of living in a coliving house?

Coliving prices vary depending on location and amenities included. In general, this is a much more affordable option than renting an ordinary apartment.

For example, a studio in New York City could cost you $2,000 a month. Contrarily, within the realm of coliving spaces, an enticing offer prevails the opportunity to secure an exclusive haven in the form of a private bedroom while simultaneously enjoying unrestricted entry to communal areas, all attainable at the remarkably reasonable price of $1,300 per month.


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