Do Pit Bulls Affect Insurance Rates?

August 2, 2023

Yes, pit bulls and certain other breeds of dogs can affect insurance rates for homeowners or renters. Pits are known as one of the most feared dog breeds in America. They are big, muscular, and have a reputation for being dangerous and aggressive. This is because insurance companies consider some dog breeds to be at higher risk due to their historical association with aggressive behavior and dog bite incidents. Pit bulls, along with Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, and some other breeds, are often categorized as "dangerous breeds" by insurance companies. As a result, if you own a pit bull or one of these breeds, your insurance provider may view you as a higher liability and charge higher premiums or may even exclude coverage for dog-related incidents. Click here to read from Farmers Insurance and their policies regarding Pitbulls.

Keep in mind that not all insurance companies have the same policies regarding dog breeds, and the perception of certain breeds can vary from one company to another. Additionally, some states or countries have specific laws or regulations related to dog breeds, which could also impact insurance rates and coverage. If you're a dog owner, it's essential to inform your insurance company about the breed of your pet to understand how it might affect your policy. You can also explore other insurance providers that may have different policies regarding dog breeds and coverage to find the best option for your needs. Additionally, considering pet insurance, a valuable offering recommended by this website, could provide furhter financial security and peae of mind for both you and you furry companion.

Does owning a pitbull increase your homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance is offered by insurance companies for individuals who are interested in having protection from damages in the event of catastrophes such as earthquakes, fires, and many other types of natural disasters. They also protect residents against theft, robbery, and vandalism. Home insurance should come at a very affordable price to most homeowners if they can afford it. A homeowner's policy protects the buildings and the property owned by them along with their personal possessions.

If a dog is owned then it can be insured under a homeowner's policy. However, some insurance companies may not allow a homeowner to insure their dog due to the fact that he or she owns a certain breed of dog. Insuring a pit bull is often more expensive than insuring other breeds of dogs. For homeowners who are considering insuring their pit bull, it is recommended that they take the time and effort to research and compare various policies until they find the one that best suits their needs.

Why does my home insurance company care about what kind of dog you own?

One of the main reasons why your home insurance company could care about what kind of dog you own is due to the fact that some breeds of dogs have been known to be a bigger liability than others. For example, if you own a German Shepherd your dog could become agitated or aggressive due to their high prey drive. This may result in your pet accidentally biting or scratching someone while they are on your property.

If you own a Rottweiler, they are very territorial and will also become agitated or aggressive when they feel that their space is being threatened. If you have a pit bull, then it is very possible that your pet could attack someone if provoked. When your dog attacks someone while at your residence during an altercation, this can result in the renter or homeowner paying for the medical expenses associated with the incident. Depending on which insurance company you choose to do business with, keeping certain breeds of dogs could increase your home insurance rates.

How does owning a pitbull affect my homeowner’s insurance rates?

As mentioned previously, it is very common for a homeowner's insurance company to charge higher rates if they know that you own a pit bull or another dog of a certain breed. These breeds are considered to be more dangerous than others and they are usually labeled as high-risk dogs. Here are some reasons.

1. Dangerous dog clause:

A dangerous dog clause can be included in your policy and it will state that your insurance company will automatically exclude coverage for damages due to dog bites or attacks. The reason why this should trigger higher rates is because the company is aware that you have a pit bull in your home and they are aware that your dog could potentially injure somebody while it is in your residence.

2. Not all policies are created equal:

Homeowners who own dangerous dog breeds have a higher risk than other people who might own other types of dogs. This is why some insurance companies will not insure a home that contains pit bulls, German Shepherds, or even Rottweilers in them. Manufacturers also sell dog equipment that can be used to restrain your dog within your residence. Carriers may recommend the use of electric fences for preventing your pet from escaping if they become agitated or aggressive.

3. Some insurance companies have good home insurance rates for people with pit bulls:

Some insurance companies such as State Farm Insurance may actually have very affordable rates for their policy-holders who own pit bulls. However, other insurance companies such as Allstate may view you as a higher liability. If you want to find out what kind of rate increase you can expect if you're the owner of a pit bull, it's always best to review the options and prices that are available and compare them with other carriers before deciding which one is the best choice for your individual needs.

4. No matter the policy, you should still disclose your dog:

Even if a carrier allows you to insure your pit bull, it's still a good idea for owners of certain breeds of dogs to disclose their pet. If you don't tell the carrier that your dog is a pit bull, then they may not know that you own this breed. It will be considered an undisclosed alteration to your policy and this can increase the amount of money that you are required to pay for coverage in the event of an accident or injury.

How Lawyers help in this situation?

The need of lawyers to be involved in these disputes so that they can be able to overcome the language imposed by the carrier to justify their stance. The language used by them may not necessarily be a basis for a lawsuit, but it can be in favor of the consumers if there are sufficient facts and evidence that can prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that all or part of the insurance issued is in excess of any reasonable basis. There are currently more than 100 wrongful death lawsuits pending in the current judiciary system dealing with the dog bite cases. The most common of these wrongful death lawsuits is the failure to disclose information about the dog breed. In an effort to help those in need of legal help, hiring a lawyer can be a good option for you if you feel that your civil rights have been breached by a certain insurance company.

In Conclusion:

Insurance companies are not required to pay for you and your dog if it attacks someone while in the residence. However, you can file a civil lawsuit against the insurance company if you feel that they have breached their duty of care to you as a homeowner by allowing your policy to cover an incident that had nothing to do with the actual coverage under the homeowners policy.


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