Five Reasons Why Decluttering is Important

August 25, 2023



If you use less than 80% of your belongings, then the rest of the stuff you have in your home is nothing but unnecessary clutter. An overloaded home looks messy and chaotic. This not only leaves a negative impression on you but also on your visitors. The constant worry of tidying up before inviting someone over can be exhausting, especially when locating your belongings becomes tedious. If you're facing these challenges, it's time to declutter.

How to Declutter Your Space?

Begin by removing items you no longer use. Create a priority list for each item, and consider taking a photo of everything you don't use regularly. Keep the things you value most and let go of the rest. This method will help you identify which stuff holds more significance.

The easiest way to declutter is by tackling it in stages. Start with the rooms or areas that are the most cluttered, such as kitchen cabinets or your child's room. Apply the 'Rule of 5' - try to remove at least five items from each room.

Besides, if you have limited space, avoid turning your garage into a storage unit to store all your belongings. Instead, it’s better that you rent a self storage like 11% of U.S. households do. These secure units provide a safe space for your belongings until you decide what to do with them. In addition to decluttering your home, renting a self-storage unit protects valuable items from theft. You can also store seasonal items, such as decorations and party supplies. However, before choosing a storage company, carefully consider the following factors:

  • Security: Ensure the facility is gated and has 24/7 CCTV surveillance.
  • Cost: Look for companies offering deals or discounts, but remember that cheaper options aren't always better.
  • Size: Choose a unit with adequate space that fits your needs; don't waste money on a larger space you won't use.

There are numerous ways to declutter, but committing to the process is essential. If you're still hesitant to clear your space, here are some reasons why decluttering is important. These reasons might convince you:


More space

You can create more space in your home when you eliminate excess items. Almost every household can part with numerous things that merely obstruct pathways and occupy valuable space. By clearing these obstacles and implementing effective organization, your home has a tidier and more open appearance. It's important to note that decluttering doesn't physically increase your home's surface area but optimizes existing space through intelligent storage and organizational techniques.

You can begin by expanding your available shelf space, utilizing vertical storage, and grouping similar items. Instead of casually placing stationery items on your desk, consider organizing them in jars or pouches and positioning them neatly on shelves. Similarly, use your doorways efficiently by adding a shoe rack and coat hanger nearby to prevent a pile-up of shoes and coats right at the entrance. Other areas, like your bathroom and vanities, often have scattered items strewn across their surfaces. Here, you can employ clever storage solutions such as makeup organizers or hooks inside your cupboards to maintain a neat arrangement.

Increased productivity

Maintaining a clean and well-organized space ensures all your belongings are readily accessible. Instead of squandering valuable time going through a cluttered heap searching for something, you should know precisely where it's located. A clutter-free environment also minimizes distractions, facilitating better concentration. For instance, studying at a tidy desk offers more workspace and makes the learning process smoother. Studies have substantiated these claims, showing that a clean and organized space can enhance productivity by up to 20%.

In addition to a tidy environment, decluttering itself can be motivating. If you're feeling sluggish and unproductive, organizing can refresh your mind. Successfully sorting through your possessions brings a sense of accomplishment, which can serve as motivation to tackle other pending tasks.

Less stress

Approximately 55% of American households experience stress due to clutter in their homes. Many individuals become overwhelmed at the thought of tackling such disarray and often report feelings of burnout or even depression. A study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology has shed light on the connection between clutter and stress, emphasizing the interdependence of these factors. Clutter can induce stress, and stress, in turn, can contribute to mess. Moreover, it can trigger the release of cortisol in your body, leading to anxiety and potentially fostering unhealthy habits.

Breaking this cycle often involves taking the proactive step of tidying up. While decluttering your entire home in a single day may not be feasible, you must at least initiate the process. The state of your living space often mirrors the condition of your mind. Decluttering is a means of clearing your physical environment and thoughts, providing a soothing and meditative experience that enables you to navigate your emotions and attain a sense of happiness.

Improved safety

Did you know that excessive clutter poses a fire hazard? Clothing and miscellaneous items can obstruct your pathways and exits, increasing the fire risk. Additionally, when boxes and papers are haphazardly scattered around your home, they can serve as potential fuel sources in a fire, as they often contain flammable materials. Moreover, a cluttered space is more likely to result in trips and falls. Tripping and getting injured are more likely when you have messy wiring with extension cords strewn across the floor.

Beyond the safety hazards, excessive clutter can also raise health concerns. The elevated stress levels associated with mess often make thorough cleaning challenging, potentially leading to neglecting certain areas within your home. This lack of adequate cleaning can attract rodents, insects, and germs. Decluttering your space enhances cleanliness and promotes safety, safeguarding you from harm and contributing to your overall health.


The presentation of your home represents who you are as a person. A tidy space creates a positive impression and makes you feel better about yourself. Remember that decluttering isn't just a one-step technique but a continuous process. A mess is inevitable, but routinely decluttering can make it easier to manage.


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