How Evan Rutchik Helped Businesses Grow Through Adtech

August 28, 2023


With abundant knowledge, expertise, business tactics, and innovations, Evan Rutchik has significantly contributed to the ad tech world. His creativity and skills have gained an outstanding image in the Adtech world. Evan knows the actual science behind the functioning of ads in the Adtech world. That was one of the main reasons he is known as an AdTech expert.

This blog will explore how Evan Rutchik has helped businesses through advertising technology, so let's get started.

What is Advertising Technology?

Advertising Technology includes a wide array of software and digital tools that agencies and brands use to set up, strategize, and maintain their digital advertising functions. Advertisers using Adtech platforms either collect data from the internet or purchase data from third parties to track consumer activities.

How is Adtech Helping Businesses?

The significant contributions of Evan Rutchik have made immense contributions to helping local business to grow through advertising technology. The focus of Adtech is to enhance businesses by effectively managing the ad campaign that operates sales and revenue for the company. Here are some valuable features of AdTech:

Purchasing ad Space:

Advertising technology helps businesses to buy ad space, like advertisements on apps, over-the-top, and websites, for the company’s products. For displaying attractive introductions of products and services to trigger the audience.

Collection of Customer Data:

Advertising technology collects data about customers' choices and preferences. The software contains firsthand data through interactions between a customer and a company through emails, website pages, or social posts. After this, the software formulates the data into a customer profile. Which provides information about the customer and what ad content to use while conferring with a particular customer.

Measuring Results:

Through advertising technology, a company can analyze its results by tracking the number of audiences who saw the ad, clicked on it, and purchased something. Advertising technology helps you by monitoring the results of your campaign. In fact, Adtech helps you to analyze the results.

Evan Rutchik in the Growth of Adtech

Evan Rutchik has significantly contributed to the ad tech world, especially for global and local businesses. You can look at his exclusive interview to learn more about his business strategies and tactics in the Adtech world.

About Local Factor

Evan Rutchik founded the Local Factor group to empower businesses at the local level. Marketers are less reliant on bits of data that contain personal identifiers. They use cookie-less data sets to deliver standardized market campaigns and are brand-safe and yield privacy.

Evan Rutchik New York

His New York business setup has embarked on a new journey for the growing local businesses in New York’s competitive market. The launch of the Local Factor Group and Through the use of advertising technologies, Evan Rutchik New York enabled a lot of local businesses.

Evan Rutchik's Accomplishments

Here are some accomplishments of Evan Rutchik; let’s explore them.

Educational background:

Evan Rutchik is proud of his academic achievements. He has completed a dual degree in Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Advertising from Syracuse University. He has completed his advertising degree from S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and his management degree from Whitman School of Management.

Founder of Local Factor Group:

He is the founder of a Local Factor Group. The group has empowered businesses locally and globally through advertising technology.

RII Ventures:

Evan Rutchik manages RII Ventures, which is an angel fund program that aims to finance innovative technology.

Charities and Nonprofits:

He firmly believes in the power of education. He proudly supports nonprofits and charities like Jimmy Fund, Teal Walk, and Educational Initiatives for the underprivileged.


Evan Rutchik is the person who knows how Ads work like magic on digital platforms. He is the genius of the Adtech world. With a wealth of knowledge, business tactics, creativity, skills, and innovation, he has garnered an extraordinary image in the Adtech World. When it comes to sales, the strategies for revenue-driving should be efficient. Evan Rutchik has immensely contributed to inventing effective and efficient revenue-driving techniques. He is proud of his ability to develop effective revenue-driving strategies. Being a firm believer in the power of education, he is a proud supporter of many nonprofit organizations and charities.



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