How to Make Your Family’s Movie Den the Place to be

August 28, 2023

Everybody loves a movie den, especially if you have a very large TV and all the surround sound to bring anything on the big screen to life. However, it is not all about the sound and vision of the experience that you should think about. In fact, so much more can be done to ensure that your movie den is the place to be.

#1 Invest in comfy seating

Movies aren’t short – the longest lasts for a staggering 85 hours and is ‘The Cure for Insomnia.’ Although most movies aren’t this extreme, you are still going to want to be comfortable while you sit and enjoy the entertainment.

Finding a suitable chair could be the search that goes on for a long time, especially if your family consists of young children that are growing up fast, that is, until you stumble across a chair that is suitable for pretty much everyone in your household and that you can, quite literally fall into. This could be the intensely comfortable overstuffed bean bag chair.

#2 Keep your color scheme soft

In order to keep the room relaxed even when the lights are at their fullest, you will need to paint it in a soft color scheme. Of course, as it is a movie room going for dark colors could enhance your movie experience, but the main point is that you shouldn’t go for bright unsettling colors.

Dark colors and pastel shades could make the room feel inviting regardless of the time of day or what the room’s function is for that particular moment. Harsh spotlights may make it feel more like a cinema, but creating a more relaxed space with gentle lighting to go with the colors could be better.

#3 Regulate the temperature

You will also have to think carefully about temperature. This is an element that can either make or break an experience. When the room is closed off, and all the electrical items are working, it could become overly warm and uncomfortable. However, starting it off too cold will make any watchers too tense to relax and enjoy the movie that is being shown.

Apart from altering the AC every five minutes, one way to get around this is to ensure that everyone has a drink to sip while they are watching. You may also want to pay particular attention to the weather in the movie, as you will find that some people will feel colder when watching a movie where the cast gets cold in snowy conditions.

Final thoughts

Your movie den should be relaxing, comfortable, and seen very much as the place to be when a movie is being shown. This will mean that it is a space that will be well used and enjoyed. However, how you create that environment is up to you.

You should most certainly pay attention to the chairs that you purchase and the layout that you have. Although important, lighting, sound, and visual impact are just elements that combine with others to provide the perfect environment for movie entertainment.


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