Is It Worth Selling Your Land to a Direct Land Buying Company? Find Out Here

August 25, 2023


Selling land can be a difficult process. It can take time to market the property, get it noticed by potential buyers, and close the sale. It’s also not uncommon for a piece of land to not sell for various reasons. One common sense is that the buyer cannot obtain financing for the property.

Faster Transaction

It’s common for homeowners to spend a considerable amount of time on property listing and marketing efforts. They ensure the property is priced right and has great pictures, information and videos. The goal is to reach as many potential buyers as possible. Land sellers typically encounter a different process than homeowners when selling their properties. This is because there is a smaller pool of buyers, and the buyers may have specific requirements for purchasing land, such as zoning and environmental issues. If you want to sell your land quickly, working with a direct land buyer can be one of the best options. By eliminating the cost of a realtor and other fees associated with a typical sale, you can close the transaction faster and move on to your next project. You’ll also avoid paying real estate commissions, a huge financial benefit. For more info, you can also visit the buyer's website to discover more about the transaction's seamless flow.

No Fees

Many people find themselves frustrated when selling land the traditional way. This is because sellers typically have to pay both a real estate agent and a broker fee, which can add up quickly. Also, closing costs associated with land sales must be paid when closing. This is usually passed on to the party who benefited from the transaction. When you sell to a company that pays cash for land, these fees are typically not included in the sale. This can save you a lot of money.

No Commissions

Selling land is a lot different from selling homes. Real estate agents typically earn a commission when they sell land, but this fee isn’t always based on the property price. Raw land often requires more work to market than a home, and buyers tend to be much more limited in their pool of potential purchasers, which whittles down an agent’s expected commission. It can be very frustrating to put a great deal of effort into your property and still need help to sell it. The best way to avoid this is to work with a company that buys land directly from owners. This will save you on a realtor’s commission and other fees such as title, escrow, etc. Additionally, these companies will typically take care of any back taxes you owe and additional closing costs associated with the sale. They’ll also make the process simple and quick for you.

No Waiting

If you’re having trouble selling your land, there could be a few reasons. Perhaps you aren’t reaching the right buyers, or your marketing isn’t capturing their attention. It could also be that you’re not pricing your property fairly or ignoring certain improvements that potential buyers may want to see on the property, like access roads, metered utilities, and clearing debris. One common reason that buyers move on from a piece of land is that they aren’t able to purchase it with financing. It’s much more difficult to secure a loan for land than for a home, and not everyone has the cash to buy a piece of land outright. If this is a problem, consider listing your land with owner financing available to increase the pool of people capable of purchasing it. This will make your land more appealing and potentially allow you to sell it faster.


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