Maximising Space: Clever Solutions for Small Bathrooms

August 10, 2023

If you’re struggling to make the most out of your small bathroom, you have come to the right place. Small bathrooms mean you must be clever with space, which isn’t always a bad thing. There are plenty of easy but effective design tips that can help you make the most of your bathroom, from small subtle design changes to more permanent bathroom features.

Corner Toilet

Toilets are a are a central feature in a bathroom that occupy a significant proportion of space. It is therefore surprising that when looking to maximise this space many homeowners overlook toilets and focus on altering other aspects. Corner toilets make a great solution for awkwardly shaped bathrooms that have obstructing permanent features. These toilets are cleverly designed with a triangular tank to perfectly fit into the corner of a room. Often the location of a toilet is the deciding factor when looking to incorporate small luxuries, like a bath or double sink. By placing the toilet in a free corner there will be added surface area for these features. Furthermore, not only are these toilets practical but they create an interesting and cool design feature within a bathroom.

Wall Mounted Features

In a bathroom it is beneficial to use as little floor space as possible as this creates the illusion of a bigger surface area. To achieve this wall mounted features are essential, this includes anything from shelving to wall mounted cupboards, or even towel rails. Shelving is super versatile as it can be used to store pretty much any item in a bathroom. If you’re looking for an area to store spare shower products, or even toilet rolls, a small shelf is ideal for easy access. Plus, why not bring some personality to your space by accessorising shelves with candles, flowers, or artwork.

Often towels take up an unnecessary portion of space within a bathroom, especially when storing them in a cupboard. If you’re lacking closed storage space or want to limit the amount of floor items in your bathroom, a towel rail is ideal. Not only does it store a good number of towels, but these racks can also be heated. This is helpful in adding warmth, which is particularly important during winter months where your bathroom may feel uncomfortably cold. Plus a warmer bathroom is key in preventing condensation, as this forms on cold surfaces and can often lead to mould.


Mirrors are known as an age-old trick for maximising space, not only do they make an attractive bathroom feature, but they cleverly enhance light to create the illusion of added room. To enhance light and space to its fullest potential it is important to choose the correct mirror for your bathroom.

Small and awkwardly sized bathrooms often lack free wall space. Above the sink is the perfect location for a mirror as it is often unused and makes a practical space for tasks like shaving. Double the use for this space by using a mirrored cabinet, not only will this help maximise light, but it provides much needed storage space. Similarly, a floor to ceiling mirror helps create a light and spacious bathroom. Not only is this perfect for checking outfits but the floor to ceiling design helps to create the illusion of wider and taller ceilings. If budget is no object, you could even incorporate this mirror across a full wall. This will double the amount of light within your bathroom creating an open and airy feel.

Shower Baths

Shower baths are the perfect choice for saving space, while having the best of both worlds. Many of us want the luxury of a bath while having the practicality and ease of a shower, however, with bathrooms being one of the smallest rooms in a house this is not always achievable.

Combining the two is the perfect solution to save much needed floor space, without compromising both aesthetics and practicality. Unfortunately, homeowners are wary of incorporating a shower bath due to the common misconception that they compromise the efficiency of a regular shower. These showers are known to operate just as effectively and if you’re worried about a lack of room while showering, L-shaped baths are perfect for providing a larger standing area. However, if your heart remains set on a separate bath and shower then there are options available for small spaces. Small bathtubs are becoming a particularly popular choice for saving space. Their depth allows for the same volume of water while taking up significantly less floor space. Although it must be noted that these baths can have particularly high sides so they may not be suitable for those less mobile.


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