Obesity and the Role of Epigenetics

August 30, 2023


Obesity and the Role of Epigenetics

Obesity is a metabolic disorder that is rapidly growing in importance as a public health problem; it is now referred to as a "Global Pandemic." The World Health Organization's most recent statistics show that more than 650 million people are obese, while roughly 1.9 billion people are overweight. This represents around 13% of the adult population of the planet.

Modern lifestyle elements like eating high-calorie meals and getting less exercise are to blame for the obesity pandemic. Additionally, genetic predispositions are very important in influencing the metabolism that leads to obesity or being overweight.

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What is Epigenetics?

The study of changes in living things brought on by varying gene expression is known as epigenetics. It doesn't entail genetic code mutation or modification. Your behaviors, such as what you eat and how often you exercise or move around, as well as your genes both have a significant role in preserving your health.

[Gene expression is the procedure in which the codes or instructions from DNA are transformed into proteins].

[Genetic code: It alludes to the instructions a gene provides to a cell on how to make a certain protein.]

The study of epigenetics focuses on how environmental variables and way of life alter how genes function. Contrary to hereditary alterations, epigenetic changes are reversible. They can alter how your body reads your DNA code, but they do not alter your DNA itself.

The Role of Epigenetics in Obesity

Gene expression is impacted by epigenetic changes in a variety of ways. How frequently or when your genes instruct your body to generate proteins is known as gene expression. Epigenetics' significance in obesity has just come to light. One of the best ways to demonstrate how epigenetics in obesity influences is using the Agouti mouse model.

Agouti mouse model: It was discovered more than a century ago that the agouti mouse had a mutation that caused it to become obese and yellow. The first obesity gene to be examined at the molecular level was discovered thanks to the replication of the agouti mouse in 1992.

For the creation of cutting-edge treatments for overweight people, animal models of obesity are equally crucial.

How Does Epigenetics Work?

Numerous genes connected to obesity and other metabolic illnesses are under the control of epigenetics. The significance of significant epigenetic alterations in obesity will be highlighted in this section, including:

DNA Methylation

DNA methylation adds a methyl group (one carbon and three hydrogens) to the DNA. Usually, this group is added to specific spots on the DNA, where it stops the proteins that bind to DNA from being able to "read" the gene. A method called "demethylation" can eliminate this chemical group. DNA methylation contributes to obesity:

Histone Alteration

Histone is a type of protein on which the DNA is wrapped or coiled. When histones are close to each other, proteins that "read" the gene can't get to the DNA as quickly. This "turns off" the gene. More DNA is exposed when histones are loosely packed because it is not wrapped around a histone. The proteins that "read" the gene can access the gene resulting in "turn on" the gene.

Non-Coding RNA

Non-coding RNA are defined as the functional RNA molecules, and these RNA don't get translated or converted into proteins. The DNA tells a cell the procedure to make both coding and non-coding RNA. Proteins are made by the coding RNA.

Non-coding RNA regulates gene expression by adhering to coding RNA and specific proteins to break it down so that it is not used to make proteins. Non-coding RNA can also tell proteins to change histones to turn genes "on" or "off."

What you should know :

  • Genetic information is carried via Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) and Ribonucleic Acid (RNA), which are passed down from parents to their offspring (children).
  • The class of macromolecules composed of nucleotides are called nucleic acids.
  • Nucleotides are organic molecules made up of:
    • a nitrogenous base (nitrogen-containing compounds)
    • a pentose sugar (a five-carbon sugar)
    • a phosphate group.

Epigenetic Changes Due to Lifestyle

There are a number of lifestyle modification that affect your epigenetic changes, such as:


One of the most important things that affects epigenetics is what you eat. Because of this, you should eat right and keep a good balance. A nutritious, well-balanced diet is great for your general health and boosts epigenetics as well. Including the following in your diet help maintain a healthy weight:

  • Fresh fruits & Veggies
  • Whole grains and healthy oil
  • Beans, Nuts and seeds
  • Fish, Eggs and Lean meat

These foods help you get enough amount of vitamins:

  • Folic acid (vitamin B 9)
  • Choline (similar to vitamin B)
  • Vitamin B12.

The role of epigenetics of obesity and type 2 diabetes in people are helped by these vitamins. They do this by shutting off harmful gene components.

On the other hand, epigenetics are hurt by foods that are low in protein or calories. This is because they can't "silence" or "turn off" as many dangerous genes.

Physical Exercise

Adults who work out every day are good for epigenetics. Regular exercise can help you manage your anxiety and maintain a regular sleep cycle, which switches off risky genes. People who receive enough quality sleep are more likely to maintain a healthy weight range and avoid obesity than those who don't.

Why Is Obesity Treatment So Vital?

Obesity is a problem for more than just how it looks. It is a health problem that raises your chance of getting sick or dealing with other health problems. Numerous health issues, including diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, cancer, high blood pressure, and liver disease, can be brought on by it.

Over one-third (34.1%) of males and over one-quarter (27.5%) of women in the US are overweight, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIH). Given the worsening situation of epigenetics in human obesity and type 2 diabetes, it's crucial to address it.

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In conclusion, millions of individuals throughout the world struggle with obesity. In addition to liver disease and other dangerous ailments including liver and kidney damage, it also causes cancer, heart disease, diabetes type 2, hypertension, high amounts of bad cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Understanding the role of epigenetics in controlling excessive body weight is so vital.

By turning off the bad genes, epigenetics aids in maintaining a healthy weight. Lifestyle changes, DNA methylation, Histone alteration, and non-coding RNA can all be used to achieve this. Together, epigenetic modifications and certain drugs help people avoid obesity and lead healthy lives.



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