Peppermint, Cedarwood, and Cinnamon – Explaining the Three Odors That Mice Hate

August 14, 2023

There are few sensations more enjoyable than walking into a room and encountering a beautiful fresh smell. Think of what a laundry room smells like just as a fresh load is removed from the washing machine and you’ll understand exactly how enjoyable that type of fragrance is to humans. That love of freshness is why so many people enjoy mints and flowers, and why millions use air fresheners to conceal less pleasant aromas.

But fresh scents hold a secret.

As much as people love them, mice hate them. And it’s for that reason that mouse repellent pouches work so well. They use the power of freshness to overwhelm mice to the point where they run for the hills as soon as they encounter the fragrance the mouse repellent bags emit.

But why does this work? And what’s so special about the combination of ingredients used in Tougher Than Tom’s Mouse Repellent Pouches (and the smell they produce) that make them so effective as natural mouse repellent? Read on to discover the answers.

Why Do Mice Hate Fresh Smells?

Mice have exceptionally powerful senses of smell.

They need that sense because their vision isn’t especially strong. Like many animals, mice rely on the odors in the air to tell them where it’s safe for them to congregate and where they may be able to find food.

The downside to this sense of smell, at least for mice, is that it makes their noses particularly keen to smells that offend them. Enter fresh fragrances and their use as a mouse eliminator. The likes of peppermint and cedarwood are so powerful to a mouse’s strong sense of smell that they become overwhelmed. Confused, irritated, and scared by the powerful fragrances flowing around them, they do what any creature does when it's wary – run.

Mice repellent bags take advantage of this fact by combining several fresh odors to bombard a mouse’s senses. Overwhelmed by what they detect, the mouse tries to get as far away as possible, meaning they’ll run from your home (or any other property) when you have strategically-placed mouse deterrent bags.

The Three Smells That Mice Despise

Now that you understand why mice hate fresh smells, and how those smells create specific behaviors that make them useful as mouse repellent, let’s examine the three ingredients used in Mice Eliminator Pouches.

Ingredient 1 – Peppermint

Fresh and sharp.

Those are the operative words for peppermint, and that combination of freshness and sharpness makes it the perfect essential oil for mouse deterrent bags. Given what you now know about mice and fresh smells, it’s clear why something as fresh as peppermint would cause problems for mice. But it’s the sharpness of that fresh odor that has the most powerful impact.

Peppermint ensures that the mouse isn’t simply surrounded by an odor that it doesn’t like.

It hits the mice with that smell. Peppermint creates a shock to a mouse’s system to the point where it can trigger a “fight or flight” response, with the mouse always choosing flight.

Ingredient 2 – Cedarwood

Cedarwood is an interesting ingredient when it comes to its effects on mice.

Obviously, it has a fresh smell, though softer than peppermint, which makes it an instant deterrent. But it’s also a material that seems to actively harm mice. An interesting study conducted in 1978 looked at the use of cedarwood shavings in the bedding of mouse and rat pups. It found a link between the use of cedarwood and higher mortality in rats and mice. In other words – cedarwood appears to be actively toxic to mice when the rodents inhale the phenols and natural acids the wood emits.

So, it’s likely that a mouse’s aversion to cedarwood isn’t simply related to the ingredient’s freshness. It could also be a survival mechanism.

Ingredient 3 – Cinnamon

It’s fair to say that cinnamon doesn’t have quite the same “fresh” smell as peppermint, or even cedarwood. It’s a little spicy. The smell is warm, a touch peppery, and has hints of fruit and vanilla.

And yet, that potent combination is something that mice hate. Again, it comes down to overwhelming their senses. Combine the freshness of peppermint and cedarwood and the mix of odors that come from cinnamon and you have a collective of odors that mice can’t stand to be around.

Use Scent as a Powerful Natural Mice Repellent

While a mouse’s sense of smell is a powerful tool for the rodent when it’s in the wild, it’s also an attribute that you can take advantage of to keep mice out of your home. With mouse repellent pouches, you send a clear signal to mice – you’re not welcome here.

You deliver that message with a combination of scents that overwhelm a mouse’s senses to the point where it has to escape. And best of all, the fragrances that mice detest so much happen to be scents that most people love. For that reason, Mice Eliminator Pouches achieve the dual goal of getting rid of rodents and keeping your rooms feeling fresh and enjoyable.


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