Swimming Pool Cover Lifter

August 28, 2023

When you think of a swimming pool, the picture is always that of a square-shaped opening in the ground filled with water. Indeed, that’s what you’ll find in most houses. However, contemporary designs with a swimming pool cover lifter are much more interesting, and you should consider them.

A cover's primary purpose is not to always leave your swimming pool exposed. But simply having a cover isn’t enough. Adding a lifter makes things more interesting and better. Let’s discuss the benefits of using a swimming pool cover lifter. Afterward, we’ll touch on the various types you can go for.

Design Options for A Swimming Pool Cover Lifter

There are numerous options when it comes to swimming pool lifter designs. The first option is a foldable lid. A lever lifts the cover and folds it at the side of the pool. It’s popular for lifted swimming pools and foldable cover materials — like vinyl. But if you have a large swimming area, this won’t work.

Secondly is a lift lid. It’s a lid in the literal sense, so you can walk on top of your pool when it’s covered. As such, it uses relatively sturdy and heavy parts. You can apply it to any pool size, and without question, it’s dependable. The lift mechanism in this case - linear actuators - is responsible for raising the cover and putting it back in place once commanded.

Why an automated swimming pool cover lifter is best

It doesn’t get any simpler than an automated swimming pool cover lifter. You can apply it to any pool type, whether raised or flat, and it particularly works with an electric linear actuator.

Having a swimming pool cover is more or less becoming standard in many places. The advantages are numerous, but the most essential revolve around safety. To start with, a cover will prevent the risk of accidental drowning. No one can unintentionally fall inside the pool, and this is vital, especially when you have kids around.

Second, if your pool stays open always, water evaporates due to sunlight. In other words, covering the pool prevents water loss. Splashing and overflow also contribute to water loss; a cover stops all these. Another apparent advantage of a swimming pool cover is to prevent dust, dirt, and debris from dropping into the water.

Installing an electric linear actuator to drive the lift is not much work. Since it’s electric, you can use a remote control or switch for easy operation. It’s also possible to purchase a linear actuator with a sensor, making things a lot more interesting.

There are more benefits, as discussed below.

It helps save time and energy

If you have to manually take the cover on and off, you must go for something lightweight. However, such a covering may not properly protect your pool. With a lifter, you can go for any pool cover type, not minding the size and weight. You just need a quality linear actuator to handle the pushing up, and you’re good. An actuator will lift the cover in seconds, saving you time and energy.

It protects the cover

You need a cover to protect your pool, that’s true. However, your cover also needs protection from damage, and for that, a lifter can help. Since it’s too close to the water, damage from moisture is possible. A lifter ensures the cover doesn’t stay too close to the ground. For instance, you can position the cover a few inches above the pool area to keep it safe from moisture.

It prevents unauthorized pool access

Anyone can walk to your swimming pool, remove your cover and dive in. However, that won’t happen with a lifter. As mentioned previously, a cover lifter requires a working mechanism, like a linear actuator. You can activate the actuator to lift the swimming pool cover using a switch or remote. Anyone without access to the control system won't be able to access the pool.

Picking the best linear actuator for your swimming pool cover lifter

If your linear actuator doesn’t match, the swimming pool cover lifter won’t work as it should. For this reason, you should take time when selecting a motion device for your application. We have a linear actuator calculator to assist you, but generally, here’s what you should consider.

  • The size and weight of your swimming pool cover. By extension, this also covers the type. For example, a wooden swimming cover is typically heavier than a vinyl one.
  • Your preferred speed requirements. This involves how fast you want the actuator to open and close your pool.


Make your swimming pool more secure and safe with an ingenious cover lifter. You can opt for different types, but we recommend an automatic one to enjoy the full benefits. Here are more ways to use actuators around the home.



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