The Best Wall Tiles to Light up Minimalist Houses

August 16, 2023

Minimalism is about decluttering the unwanted. What you don’t need is done away with to make space for things you actually need, and fortunately, those things are numbered. The same concept can be applied to houses as well. These days, with the growing innovation of architectural designs, people like to identify themselves with simplicity. Less is more. Plus, many homeowners love the idea of a minimalist approach to life. As such, it isn’t surprising at all that more people are investing in minimalist houses.

However, a lot of people are confused about what a minimalist house actually looks like from the inside. They get burdened with choices and questions. Like, what kind of floor tiles are used? What kind of design of wall tiles is best for these kinds of houses? Oftentimes, people don’t know how to go about their minimalist home’s interior decor. With this post, we will look into the different types of wall and floor tiles that are commonly used for minimalist homes.

The craze around Minimalist Houses

Minimalist house design is not new. It is one of the most prevalent contemporary topics among both young architects and new-age homeowners. The minimalist house concept revolves around the collective effects of both the exterior as well as interior decoration. Unlike regular houses, minimalist house designs have a totally different set of features. It also differs a lot when it comes to overall functionality.

Regular houses do not offer specific features whereas minimalist homes are designed to emit a sense of simplicity and “less to-dos” aura among many others. Similarly, installing just about any wall tiles will not make your inn a minimalist attraction. Specificity and planning is important.

Types of wall tiles for your minimalist house

Whether you aim to create a simple bedroom, or a minimalist workplace that banishes every form of distraction, be sure you check with your tile contractor about the wall tiles type and their colours.

Let’s look at these four aesthetical designs that are common among minimalist lovers.

Gres tough ceramic tiles

It’s a design that suits well with both the dining room and the living room. It has simple designs and looks more like an old-style pub house. There are several wall tiles designs, ranging from basic to showy tiles. However, gres tough tiles are a perfect combination if you are trying to pull off a vintage look to your interiors.


Natural stone tiles

If you have wooden floors, then it is understandable to go for something natural that would blend well with them. Natural stone tiles are subtly designed and have that matte texture. These wall tiles would not only blend with your floorings but can also enhance the nature-esque vibe of your living room. Apart from that, these tiles can also be used in bedrooms and study rooms.

Monochrome living room tiles

Do you like chess? Or have you seen the old-style pubhouse floors? There is something oddly satisfying with monochromatic designs. Either you like it chequered or in grid lines, monochromatic tiles are a perfect asset meant specifically for the living room. You can even pair curtains and rugs with these tiles.

Organic colour tiles

Clay-coloured, these tiles can swell up the organic feel in both living rooms and bathrooms. With a slight tinge of shade, it can bring alive a room. They are used both as wall and floor tiles.

Check out these amazing floor tiles

In addition to beautifying your walls, it is crucial that you select floor tiles that align with the design and style of your wall tiles. Check out these floor tiles with minimal designs and least installation effort.

Hardwood flooring

One of the most chosen floorings among homeowners, hardwood floor tiles have been a timeless classic among all other types. However, hardwood has adapted to more recent trends and can be given a more minimalist look.

Vinyl sheet flooring

Considered sometimes as outdated, vinyl sheet floorings have stood the test of time. They are available in all types, resembling hardwood as well as tiles. It is possible due to modern imaging technology. So, if you love the idea of an authentic look of natural tiles, vinyl sheets can be an exceptional alternative.

Things to keep in mind

Before you make any big decision, it is always helpful to communicate your ideas with a professional interior decorator. They can help you examine the areas that need changes and what look will fit your isle of comfort. Besides, keeping a minimalist look can be hard especially if you have kids and pets. So, even if you install your favourite wall tiles and floor tiles, do be prepared to face clutters and colours. However, if you still want the idea, you can, with the help of your decorator, incorporate minimalism into your master bedroom and workplace.


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