The Importance of Proper Airbag and Other Maintenance

August 22, 2023


The airbag light is a signal that the system has been triggered. It is crucial to have this repaired immediately by a professional.

Attempting to reset the airbag sensors can be dangerous. It is best to work with authorized service centers and professionals who can make sure the airbag sensors are properly reinstalled in their proper locations.


Airbags are one of the most significant safety innovations in recent decades. They're hidden and inflate instantly in a crash to protect drivers and passengers from serious injury. Front airbags are standard in most new vehicles, and side airbags are now available on many models. Both have been credited with saving thousands of lives and reducing the number of head injuries.

The operation of an SRS airbag depends on a series of sensors that detect the sudden deceleration of a vehicle in a moderate to severe crash. This triggers an igniter inside the airbag's inflator module. This initiates a chemical reaction that converts the solid fuel (primarily sodium azide) into nitrogen gas, rapidly inflating the airbag within about 1/20th of a second.

When airbags are deployed, they can cause severe or even fatal injuries if the driver or passenger is too close to the device when it first deploys. Objects like sunglasses or hats can also block the airbag's deployment path. In addition, a driver's arms must be at least 10 inches away from the steering wheel to prevent the force of the airbag's initial blow on the hands and upper chest.

The easiest way to ensure your airbags are working correctly is by regularly reading the airbag section in your car's instruction manual and following all warning lights that appear. In addition, consider investing in a vehicle with a built-in airbag monitoring system. Several automakers offer plans that combine cellular telephone and GPS technology to notify the driver of airbag malfunction or accident.


While Volvo patented the first rudimentary seat belt in 1889, it wasn't until 1968 that the federal government required them to be installed in all new cars. Over the years, seat belts have become increasingly sophisticated, with features such as crash tensioners that tighten them instantly in a crash and force limiters that allow some webbing to spool out before it exerts too much force on the occupant's body.

However, despite these advancements, it remains true that many people still don't use their seatbelts properly. Each year, countless people die needlessly from not wearing a seatbelt, and emergency rooms treat millions of injuries caused by car accidents.

People not using their seatbelts are also more likely to be ejected from their vehicles in a crash, which is almost always deadly. In addition, unrestrained occupants are at greater risk for severe injuries such as those to the head, abdomen (blunt and penetrating), chest, and spine.

Nevertheless, some people oppose mandatory seatbelt use laws and their strict enforcement. For instance, some claim that many accidents are caused by lousy roadway design and could be prevented with better road planning. Furthermore, they argue that requiring everyone to buckle up will compel them to drive faster and more recklessly. These claims ignore that seatbelts are proven to save lives and that high-profile, well-funded campaigns such as Click It or Ticket can produce accurate results in boosting seat belt usage.


Most vehicle accidents occur at night or in low-light conditions, and a car's headlights are essential to ensuring safe driving at these times. Whether you have tried-and-true halogens or newfangled LEDs, your car's headlights must be properly aimed and maintained to perform effectively.

Your car's headlights are composed of a bulb or LED, a reflector, and a lens. Light gets generated when electricity passes through the filament or semiconductor material inside the bulb or LED, and the reflector helps to direct it in a specific pattern. The lens then helps to focus the headlight beam and spread it evenly over the road ahead of your vehicle.

Headlights should be regularly checked for signs of oxidation or deterioration, which can reduce illumination by up to 20 percent. This issue can be remedied by cleaning the headlight lenses with soap and water, but you may need to replace the headlights if they are severely damaged or corrupted.

You should also regularly check the headlights for proper alignment. They are designed to aim in the same direction but jolts from potholes, and rough roads can cause them to become misaligned. You can test this by parking in front of a garage door or wall and turning on your headlights. They are aimed correctly if both hit the same spot on the wall.


It's no secret that Americans have a love affair with their cars and trucks. This relationship has endured depressions, world wars, oil shocks, and appeals to conserve fuel. It has also survived many maintenance mishaps and vehicle repairs due to neglect, ignorance, or the simple act of driving.

One area that often goes overlooked is proper tire maintenance. Whether it's air pressure, tread depth, or alignment, tires have an immense impact on the safety and performance of a vehicle. Inspecting your tires regularly is a good idea, especially if you frequently drive over potholes and debris or live in an extreme climate.

Properly inflated tires reduce your rolling resistance, increasing your vehicle's gas mileage. It is recommended to check tire pressure at least once per month. Raising your tires to the correct level can save you as much as 12 cents per gallon.

Fleet managers and drivers must also abide by each tire's maximum speed rating, which may be lower than the posted highway speed limit. This will help reduce tire failures and downtime from over-speeding and unbalanced wear. In addition, it's a good idea to check for tire recalls from time to time.


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