The Science Behind Eco-Friendly Ice Packs For Shipping

August 17, 2023


Instant eco-friendly ice packs are a great alternative to dry ice for local, interstate, and international shipping. These ice packs contain chemicals that freeze through an endothermic reaction.

The ice pack’s gel can be poured down drains or toilets, and the outer paper packaging matches paper recycling trends. It’s also curbside recyclable in multiple markets.


Ice packs are often discarded in the trash or a recycling bin but can be recycled with little effort. First, you should remove the gel from the plastic. Then, you can put the gel in a trash can (not down the drain; it could clog). This step reduces the impact on the waste stream and makes it easier to recycle your pack.

Eco friendly ice packs for shipping are a safe and convenient way to keep foods, perishables, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive products cold during storage or shipping. They are made from a BPI-certified compostable film and a gel crafted with natural gelling agents and preservatives. They are also leakproof and have a longer shelf life than ice.

These ice packs are great for use in food trucks, restaurants, delis, catered events, and more. They are reusable and easy to clean. They are also freezable so that they can be used again and again.

These ice packs can be used in freezers, lunch bags, or coolers. They can also soothe minor booboos, headaches, and backaches. They are also ideal for keeping food and medications cold during travel. They are made from non-toxic materials and can be recycled many times over. They are a great alternative to dry ice. Some ice packs can even last up to five days.


Ice packs are typically made from a gel refrigerant and are safer than dry ice. This is because they don’t produce as much condensation. They’re also less likely to damage your goods during shipping and are easy to clean. However, it’s essential to check the manufacturer’s specifications for each product before you buy one. Some take longer to freeze than others and may require a certain amount of water pressure to activate.

The non-toxic and environmentally friendly ice pack is a popular choice for food distributors and medical industries that rely on cold chain logistics to keep perishable products calm during storage and shipment. The unique shape of this ice pack makes it more efficient than other gel-based alternatives, and it’s ideal for storing cans and bottles of beverages. It also has a protective cover to reduce the risk of damage and leaks.

These reusable ice packs contain food-grade, soft, and flexible gel beads. They’re ideal for packing a cooler or lunch bag and won’t overcrowd smaller coolers. They’re even small enough to fit in a kids’ lunchbox. They’re a great way to soothe little booboos and scraped elbows. They’re also eco-friendly and 100% kerbside recyclable.


A popular solution for keeping foods and biomedical products at a safe temperature during shipping, gel ice packs help to regulate and maintain the temperature of goods throughout transit. These ice packs use a mixture of gel refrigerants, usually propylene glycol and hydroxyethyl cellulose, to keep the contents cold without affecting their flexibility. The result is a durable, long-lasting product that can be reused repeatedly.

Unlike dry ice, these eco-friendly ice packs don’t evaporate during transit and require no special packaging or safety guidelines. They are also non-toxic, making them safer to ship with food than their chemical-based counterparts. Additionally, they can be poured down a drain or flushed in a toilet without any clogs, and the plastic pouch can be recycled anywhere #4 low-density polyethylene is accepted.

These freezer gel ice packs are made with a certified organic gel refrigerant that’s non-toxic and GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) for food processing and storage. They are sealed in a biodegradable, heavy-duty plastic pouch and can be used in meal kit delivery services, insulated shippers, pan carriers, coolers, and countertop condiment holders. They are kerbside recyclable with all local councils.

Safer than dry ice

When shipping temperature-sensitive products, choosing the proper refrigerant is vital. The type of product, its packaging, and climate will affect how cold it needs to be. Dry ice is ideal for longer trips as it won’t melt, but it can be risky for moisture-sensitive products. Gel packs are a safe option for shorter journeys and can be an excellent supplement to dry ice.

Unlike other reusable ice packs, drain-friendly freezer gel is easy to dispose of and doesn’t clog pipes. It’s safe to pour down a sink or toilet and can be used in your cooler for camping, tailgating, or catering events. Its outer packaging matches paper recycling trends and is curbside recyclable in multiple markets.

Dry ice is dangerous to ship and requires special handling as it turns from a solid to gas, potentially explosive in sealed containers. It’s also expensive and requires extra packaging to protect the container.

Reusable gel ice packs are safer than dry ice, keeping perishables cold for hours. They’re made of non-toxic, food-safe ingredients like propylene glycol, water, dye, and hydroxyethyl cellulose. They’re also impervious to most chemicals, water, acids, and cleaning fluids so that you can use them repeatedly. This also helps to keep your products, boxes, and packaging clean and sterile.

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