Types of Tufting That You Need To Know

August 30, 2023


Tufting has evolved from a hobby to one of the most sought-after business ventures in the world. Growth in the tufting industry is attributed to a ballooning demand for trendy products.

Tufting is now widely used to add a stylish finish to headboards,sofas, ottomans, poufs and even chairs. Besides adding subtle elegance to fabrics or a room , tufting enhances cushioning and comfort. For added style to furniture, tufting is now widely adopted in many quarters.

The art of tufting dates back to 1800 years. Growth was later solidified by the fiber art movement in the 1960s. Technology has now evolved into a multi-billion industry attracting the interest of professionals and many other players.

Tufting is not only a hobby for many but also a global business that is thriving in many countries. Ranging from tufted rugs, carpets and many other products,the tufting market size is poised to double over the years due to a sharp increase in demand for stylish products.

To thrive in the tufting market,it is important to fashion your tufting craft based on the needs of the end user, region, materials, and the sales channels you intend to use. If you get it right, you stand a chance to run a successful tufting business.

Therefore if you are looking for a side hustle that you can do in the comfort of your home at low capital,it is high time you consider tufting. Some of the products you can create from tufting include carpets, doormats and many other items.

Depending on what you intend to achieve with tufting, the craft comes with dozens of opportunities that you can explore to generate income. However, before you get started with tufting,it is important to figure out what the process involves. That way,you will be able to easily start and benefit from an array of benefits that come with tufting.

While some people perceive tufting as an archaic craft, it has evolved into a lucrative business venture. Unlike earlier when tufting was a hobby, you can easily turn your tufting skills into a lucrative business enterprise. All you need is to understand the trends and adapt to the shifting needs in the tufting market.

Even though there are millions of tufters worldwide, not all are successful in the craft. As such, you need to master the art and understand how to navigate an already crowded tufting market.

In this article, we explore some of the common types of tufting that you need to master before jumping onto the bandwagon.

Biscuit Tufting

Also known as bun technique, biscuit tufting involves stitching fabric in a way to create uniform rectangles or squares ranging from 8 -10 inches.This type of tufting can either be cavernous or clean-lined for added comfort.

Therefore if you are looking for stylish trendy stitches, biscuit tufting is an ideal option.The technique is now popular with mid-century modern design. In this case, the stitches can not only be done without buttons but also in a regular grid pattern or shallow tufting.

Diamond Tufting

Diamond tufting is one of the oldest stitching techniques.The technique is widely used in chaises, sofas and similar pieces of furniture. Typically, the patterns created feature extra cushioning in each tuft resulting into a more classy and comfortable seating experience.

Tufted sofas have now become popular among the higher social class population with demand for trendy and classy seats growing each day. For example, seamed panels can now be used to accentuate the appearance of tufted sofas.

Button Tufting

Generally, buttons are widely used at the center of each indentation to secure the tuft.Today, button tufting is integrated into diamond and biscuit tufting styles. While the buttons are sometimes matched with the fabric's color, at times you can opt to use a different color to improve the visual appeal.

For many years now , button tufting has widely been used to integrate buttons on sofas. Just as the name suggests, you can leverage the technique to add a stylish appearance on your sofa.

Blind Tufting

Blind tufting is a technique widely used on sofa sets where patterns are created without being exposed. You may not see the stitches since it may not be easy to see the indentation done on the fabric.

Typically, blind tufting features the use of small stitches in securing the fabric with a button. The style aims at giving the sofa a classy outlook with no visible ribbons or buttons.

Channel Tufting

Channel tufting focuses on the use of vertical stitched lines. In this case, the technique features stitches done along two lines giving the fabric a modern outlook.The stitching technique is widely used in headboards since it gives a sense of height.

Additionally, the even finish featured on channel tufting makes the fabric more comfortable than the rest on the headboard. To achieve better quality and style, two or more tufting styles can be used concurrently.

Therefore if you intend to add creativity to your craft, pairing a couple of tufting techniques gives fabric linear patterns aimed at creating a stylish look.


Tufting can be exciting if you understand the craft. With many people now turning to craft as a source of income,it is important to figure out the best tufting techniques that you can use to add a classy touch on your fabric.

For example, rather than using one tufting style, you can combine two or more depending on what you intend to achieve. The bottom line is that you should aim at adding a unique touch into your tufting art. That way, you not only stand a chance to appeal to the target market but also carve space in an already crowded market.

We, therefore, encourage you to try out the tufting styles outlined in this article because they offer important insight into various aspects of tufting.If done correctly, you stand a chance to attract more customers and unlock more opportunities with tufting.



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