What is the Temperature & Humidity Test?

August 16, 2023

Tests are divided into a variety of things, all aspects of our lives. We have to go through a variety of tests to achieve a variety of standards.

Tests according to different locations in the industry chain, there are different test content, this time we mainly popularise the environmental reliability test - high and low temperature test.

Temperature & Humidity Test, also known as high and low temperature cycle test, one of the product environmental reliability test, AtmoExplorer Temperature & Humidity chamber can also do high temperature test, high temperature and high humidity test, constant temperature and humidity test, low temperature test, alternating heat and humidity test and so on. So why should some products conduct temperature & humidity test?

Basically all products are stored or operated in certain temperature environments. Some environments have constantly changing temperatures that go up and down. For example, during the day and night in areas with large temperature differences. Or products are repeatedly moved in and out of high and low temperature areas during transport, storage and operation. The high temperatures in such high and low temperature environments may reach 60°C or higher, and the low temperatures may reach -20°C or lower. This changing temperature environment will affect the function, performance, quality and life of the product, accelerate product ageing, shorten product life. If the product is subjected to such alternating high and low temperatures for a long period of time, it is necessary to have sufficient resistance to high and low temperature cycling.

Effect of Low Temperature on Products

1 The elasticity of flexible materials such as rubber decreases and rupture occurs.

2 Metals and plastics become more brittle, resulting in rupture or cracks.

3 Due to the different shrinkage coefficients of the materials, when the rate of temperature change is large, it will cause the movable parts to jam or rotate.

4 The lubricant viscosity increases or solidifies, the friction between the movable parts increases, causing slow action, or even stop working.

5 The electric parameters of the components change, affecting the electrical performance of the product.

6 Ice or frost caused by the destruction of the product structure or moisture.

Effect of High Temperature on Products

1 Due to the different expansion coefficients of various materials, resulting in bonding and migration between materials.

2 Loss of lubricant or reduction of lubrication performance, increasing the wear between moving parts.

3 Deformation of seal packing, gaskets, seals, bearings and rotating shafts.

4 Mechanical malfunction or complete failure due to bonding.

5 Changes in electrical parameters of components, affecting the electrical properties of the product.

6 Transformer, electromechanical components overheating.

7 Flammable or explosive materials cause combustion or explosion.

8 Seal internal pressure increases caused by rupture.

9 Organic materials age, discoloration, blistering, rupture or cracks.

10 The insulation of insulating materials to reduce insulation performance.

Test Apparatus

AtmoExplorer Temperature & Humidity Chamber is used for testing the performance of various materials under different environmental conditions. It is suitable for testing the heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance, wet resistance, and other properties of materials. The testing chamber is applicable for quality testing of products, such as electronics, electrical appliances, mobile phones, communication devices, instruments, vehicles, plastic products, metals, food, chemicals, construction materials, medical equipment, and aerospace products.

Why Does AtmoExplorer Temperature & Humidity Chamber Stand Out?

Wide range of applications

Temperature And Humidity Chamber can simulate high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, low humidity, and is suitable for testing requirements in various fields and industries such as electronics, materials research, medicine, automobiles, food, etc.

Excellent both on control precision and uniformity of temperature and humidity

Temperature and humidity control precision: ±0.5℃; ±3%RH

Temperature and humidity uniformity: ±2℃; ±3.0%RH

Achieve heating and cooling quickly

When unloaded, it can achieve heating from room temperature to 100℃ within 30 minutes, It can also achieve cooling from room temperature to -20℃ within 60 minutes.

Intuitive and practical screen, easy to operate

The Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber has a 7-inch large touch screen that displays information in both Chinese and English. The set values (SV) and actual values (PV) of temperature and humidity are displayed directly, as well as the currently executing program number, segment information, remaining time, and number of cycles. It also has a separate program editing screen.

Stable operation,  originated from high-quality insulation materials and humidifiers

The heating element is made of spring-type nickel-chromium wire,and the  humidifier is a UL-shaped humidifier in the form of stainless steel electric steam generation.

High quality refrigeration system and refrigeration auxiliary parts

Tecumseh fully hermetic high efficiency compressor from France, solenoid valve from Japan, and pressure controller and oil separator of international famous brand.

A variety of safety protection

The burn prevention switch,the high-pressure protection for the compressor,the overheating protection for the compressor,

the overcurrent protection for the compressor,the no-fuse switch protection,the short-term water shortage alarm and the long-term water shortage shutdown protection.

Various sizes can be customised

such as 80L, 150L, 225L, 408L, 800L, 1000L

8 Tips for Choosing the Right Test Chamber

1 The user, whether in the selection of high and low temperature test chamber or other test equipment, should meet the temperature conditions specified in the test requirements;

2 Ensure that the temperature uniformity in the test area of the test chamber, according to the sample heat dissipation to choose whether to use forced air circulation or unforced air circulation;

3 High and low temperature test chamber heating or cooling system devices to the sample without impact;

4 The test chamber to facilitate the sample frame to place the sample, and the sample frame will not change its mechanical properties because of high and low temperature changes;

5 High and low temperature test chambers should be protected by preventive measures. For example: an observation window and lighting, with a power supply phase, over-temperature protection, all kinds of alarm devices;

6 According to customer requirements whether remote monitoring function;

7 The test chamber in the implementation of the cycle test must require the installation of automatic counters, indicators and recording equipment and automatic shutdown and other instrumentation devices, and requires a good record and display function;

8 According to the sample temperature with the use of upwind and downwind sensor temperature of the two measurement methods, high and low temperature test chamber in the temperature and humidity control sensor location and control mode can be selected, according to the customer's product test requirements to select the appropriate equipment

After understanding the science and technology content of high and low temperature tests, I hope to help customers choose more in line with the product test requirements of the high and low temperature test chamber. Chiuvention deep ploughing into the textile testing industry, continue to create value for our customers, high quality, high efficiency, high sincerity of the environmental test chamber, to assist you in completing temperature and humidity tests to accelerate the pace of product research and development.


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