What Resort Should I Choose in Phuket, Thailand?

August 10, 2023

What Resort Should I Stay at in Phuket, Thailand?

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort

Many ask themselves which resort in Phuket, Thailand is the “right” place to stay? The question is primarily asked by people who have never visited Phuket before. But there is no “best” resort that suits everyone. It depends on what you want to get out of your vacation experience.

The best resort has little to do with how expensive the hotel is, its number of restaurants, or its proximity to one of the beautiful beaches in Phuket if the visitor doesn't rate those attributes highly. That’s why it’s always difficult to recommend a resort to someone you don’t know very well, even after you’ve asked them what they’re interested in doing on their Phuket vacation.

Location, Location, Location

The more time you spend in Phuket, the more you can narrow down the fantastic locations on the island, and the more popular resorts tend to be located in the best places. You'll find that most travelers to Phuket tend to book resorts on the island's west coast.

Besides offering truly spectacular sunsets, the west coast of Phuket has almost an endless number of beautiful beaches running along the west coast from the north end of the island to the southern tip. The west coast also has a number of towns and villages that have a lot to offer visitors.

Natural Beauty or Convenience?

The town of Patong is the most popular town on the west coast, with a long curving beach, a hopping nightlife scene, a large variety of the most diverse restaurants, and some of the best shopping on the island. However, it’s also the busiest and most noisy town on the west coast.

Many people are drawn to the attractions and convenience of Patong, but they’d rather stay elsewhere. This is where the town of Karon Beach starts to appeal to visitors looking for a resort to stay at. Karon Beach is just to the south of Patong, but it offers a completely different feeling than the bustle and noise of Patong.

Welcome to the Thavorn Palm Beach Resort

Karon Beach offers a long beautiful beach that you can often have completely to yourself. It also has a small town with shops offering the essentials travellers need and a variety of restaurants and small bars. Halfway along the beach, there's also a resort in Phuket, Thailand that offers some of the best accommodations.

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort offers spacious rooms, three large swimming pools, water slides, seven dining outlets, botanical gardens, and a petting zoo for the kids. Situated right on Karon Beach and just a short drive from the nightlife and shopping of Patong, Thavorn Palm Beach Resort offers the perfect location for a single traveler, a couple, or a family with kids looking for a great resort to stay at in Phuket. The next time you're wondering where to stay on vacation in Phuket, consider the best resort in the best location on the island, the Thavorn Palm Beach Resort.


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