What to look for when buying a parasol?

August 29, 2023

Relax and enjoy a cool, invigorating drink while admiring your bright and lovely garden under a UV-blocking parasol. There are two main types of Solero parasols, one is aimed for commercial use while the other is meant for private or home use. Before paying for any garden parasol, take into account some things first.

Selecting Proper Garden Parasol Dimensions

Unless you’re rich as Croesus, you may want to set your budget first. Also, determine where you wish to set up your chosen garden parasol. What is the area that requires shading? What is the available space in your chosen location?

For example, the wall mounted type would be great for a balcony or terrace home with limited space. Take into account the parasol’s pole diameter, pole height, canopy width and diameter. Let’s say that you wish to set up a parasol to provide shade for a 1.5-meter square table.

A good choice would be a 3-meter square parasol for extending over the table edges and sides by a minimum of 50 cm. For ensuring that anyone who wishes to sit under your parasol doesn't have to stoop, consider a minimum pole height of 2 meters.

Choosing the Best Shapes, Styles, Colors and Designs

Solero parasols are sold in various shades of colors like navy blue, platinum gray, taupe, carbon gray, aqua and buttercup. Shapes can be round, rectangular or square. A round parasol for a square table may not be visually appealing.

Make sure that the color, pattern, shape and style of your preferred parasol blends well with the setting in your chosen location. For fixation, you can select either the permanent or temporary type. The former is more stable and would be great if you’re living in a very windy area. But, if you want something moveable, then the latter is the better choice.

Deciding on the Features of Your Parasol

Basically, a garden parasol comprises of a frame, base, pole and canopy. If you can afford a higher price, consider choosing canopy fabric that is made from acrylic and vinyl. They offer better oil and water repellent and fade resistant features compared to polyester.

Similar to SPF of skin protection products, canopy fabrics too have a measurement rating for UV protection. It’s called UPF or Ultraviolet Protection Factor. Canopy fabric with UPF, which ranges from 30 to 49, offers very good protection against the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays.

For blocking at least 98 percent of the sun’s damaging rays, choose fabric with UPF 50 and above. Poles and frames can be made from materials like wood, stainless steel and aluminium.

Common Types of Garden Parasols

The free-standing type is similar to a common umbrella. For additional feature like tilting, you can opt for the tilting type. If you desire something elegant for a large area, the overhanging or cantilever type would be great. It usually comes with rotating and tilting features.

Useful Accessories for Your Garden Parasol

Imagine sitting in the quiet of your garden at night and enjoying the slight breeze and delightful smells of the flowers. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you can read a book as well? With LED lighting that is easily fitted to your parasol, it’s indeed possible. Apart from rechargeable lamps, you can also add other accessories like heaters.


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