5 Reasons Why Homes in Lehigh Valley Are So Sought Out

September 7, 2023

Are you looking for the perfect place to settle down in Pennsylvania? Buying your very first home is a significant decision. Not only do you have to think about the actual house and whether it’s at par with your needs, but the neighborhood, too. Now, the Lehigh Valley metropolitan area has, in recent years, been one of the most sought-after places by homeowners.

In fact, since COVID-19, it has seen a sudden influx of new homeowners. That said, the big question is, why are people moving into these zip codes in droves? What’s the appeal?

There’s so much to love about this area, which is only about an hour north of Philadelphia. More specifically, here are five reasons you should consider homes in the Lehigh Valley:

1. One of the Fastest Growing Economies in Pennsylvania

Would you be interested in living right at the heart of economic development? Perhaps the most incredible thing about purchasing a residence in a fast-growing address such as Lehigh Valley is the easy access you get to enjoy when it comes to amenities.

A good example is shopping in well-stocked stores just a few minutes from your doorstep. So are banks, schools, malls, and such. You will find everything you want without much struggle. Remember, fast-growing areas are significant for all these businesses.

Aside from the amenities, the fast-growing economies attract investors, which means property value will keep increasing over the years. So, you can bet that having a house in Lehigh Valley will be a worthwhile investment in the long run.

2. Solid Educational System at All Levels

One of the top reasons people buy homes in the Lehigh Valley is to have a place to raise a family. Lehigh Valley offers this and much more. Not only are homes and neighborhoods here super family-friendly, but the education system is one of the best there is in the country.

There are plenty of reputable schools for kids to start their learning journey, not forgetting good higher learning institutions. That means there are more than enough institutions for children and adults looking to further their education and advance their careers. That means anyone interested in education will definitely benefit from the strong system.

More importantly, most educational institutions are world-class and well spread out in the area.

3. Diverse Job Market for Young Professionals

You must also consider your livelihood when deciding where to settle in the long term. If you’re young and still green in the job market, a place with ample job opportunities to kickstart your career should be a priority. If you’re in your mid-30s to 40s and have a career spanning a few years, you want a place with growth opportunities.

Lehigh Valley is the perfect place to launch and grow your career for two reasons. For one, being a metropolitan area with a fast-expanding economy, more and more companies are venturing into the area, which means there’s a great demand for a skilled workforce. Two, the available job opportunities are diverse. This makes it easy to find an ideal job for your skill level, regardless of your industry.

Now, while Lehigh Valley is excellent for young professionals, that doesn’t mean middle-aged and senior folks won’t love living here. The area is still fantastic for business owners, advanced professionals, and even retirees.

4. Lower Cost of Living Than Most Metropolitan Areas

Life is generally expensive. However, the cost of living is not standard; rather, it largely depends on location. If you’re looking at ideal homes in the Lehigh Valley to settle down, you should look at how much you’ll spend every day on your needs and other criteria. After all, you want to set up your life somewhere you can actually afford to live in.

Now, despite the increased popularity, everything you could ever need, and high population, Lehigh Valley is pretty reasonable to live in compared to other major metropolitan areas in the country.

Homes are a lot less costly. So are food and other household expenses. That means choosing to live in the part of Pennsylvania can actually help you stretch your budget further.

5. Variety of Outdoor Entertainment Opportunities

Life is more than just work. You also need relaxation, hobbies, and entertainment to achieve a healthy balance. The good thing with homes in the Lehigh Valley is you don’t have to look far. There are so many entertainment opportunities all over the region for individuals and families. Whatever your interest is, you’ll likely find something to like.

If you love nature and the outdoors, you can try boating in the Lehigh River, which features a 31-mile trail that cuts through the area and widens as it ends, providing an even better experience. It’s definitely an excellent spot for fishing if you enjoy the practice.

If you’re outdoorsy but prefer land over water or are just looking for something different, how about a day of hiking or biking in the breathtaking Lehigh Gorge State Park? Lehigh Valley also has a couple of golf courses as well as ski resorts, creating endless outdoor options for residents.

Aside from nature, Lehigh Valley is also a cultural hub, with plenty of galleries, museums, and theaters you can check out. In addition, there are numerous events, including festivals and fairs, running all year round. As a new homeowner, you’ll definitely not run out of fun things to do with your family over the weekends.

Consider Homes in the Lehigh Valley, One of the Most On-Demand Areas in the Country

Few decisions will be as huge as putting down a deposit on your first home. So, you want to consider way more than the price tag. Actually, purchasing a house in the right area is much more important than finding the lowest possible price.

That said, choosing a place like Lehigh Valley will give you the most value for your money. The region has numerous job and entertainment opportunities. The education is also good. But best of all, you can live affordably as the cost of living is reasonable.


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