6 Interior Design Styles That Are Popular On TikTok

September 8, 2023


Source: Unsplash

TikTok is where most of us spend countless hours getting lost in dance videos and hilarious skits. But beyond the dance moves and viral pranks, have you ever paused and thought, "Wow, I love that room"?

You're not alone if you've recently caught yourself screenshotting a dreamy bedroom backdrop or a cozy living room setup from your favorite creator's video. As decor lovers and guilty TikTok scrollers, we've seen various interior design inspirations dominating the app.

Here, we've rounded up six interior design styles stealing the limelight on the viral platform.

TikTok Interior Design Styles: 6 Best Options

Source: Unsplash

Memphis Design: A Blast from the Past

Memphis Design, which originated in the 1980s in Milan, consists of bold colors, abstract shapes, and a playful approach to design. Many TikTok creators are embracing this retro aesthetic, modernizing it with updated color palettes and contemporary furnishings.

Memphis Design is unique due to its ability to instill a sense of fun into any space. This style encourages individuals to embrace their unique style, from pastel-colored geometric wallpapers to quirky furniture with asymmetric designs.

Cottagecore: Dreamy Rustic Retreats

A serene escape from the hustle and bustle, the Cottagecore design celebrates simplicity, nature, and the charm of rural life.

TikTok videos featuring airy, light-filled rooms with vintage furniture, floral patterns, and indoor plants exemplify this style. Many creators share DIY projects that bring the warmth and coziness of a countryside cottage into urban spaces.

This design isn't just about a look; it's about evoking nostalgia. It creates a space that reminds one of grandma's house or a summer spent in the countryside.

Minimalist Boho: Where Calm Meets Quirk

This blend of styles offers the best of both worlds. Merging minimalism with the free-spirited bohemian style, Minimalist Boho is all about balance.

TikTok creators showcase how versatile this style is by mixing diverse elements. Scandinavian furniture paired with Moroccan rugs or sleek, modern tables and vintage trinkets are some elements that enhance the Minimalistic Boho.

From macrame wall hangings to rattan furniture, this design appreciates room for expression and creativity, even in simplicity.

Industrial Chic: Raw Elegance

Industrial Chic combines rugged charm with a touch of elegance. Think of spaces that remind of old lofts with high ceilings, exposed beams, and metallic accents but with a hint of modern luxury.

TikTok is full of home transformation content where creators transform plain rooms into industrial wonders using simple hacks like faux brick wallpapers or installing pendant lights.

Biophilic Design: Embracing Nature

Many of us spend extended hours indoors, so we strongly desire to reconnect with nature. The biophilic design addresses this craving head-on.

The Biophilic-heads on TikTok show homes where every corner feels alive with plant walls, stone accents, and wooden structures. You will also see rooms with large windows offering panoramic views of beautiful landscapes and architecture.

Water features, like indoor fountains or fish tanks, are also popular for this interior design style.

Dark Academia: A Nostalgic Intellectual Haven

This style inspires those seeking a space that feels like an old-world scholar's sanctuary. Dark Academia, a style deeply rooted in classical literature, gothic architecture, and a passion for knowledge, has found an exclusive following on TikTok.

It has a moody color palette of deep browns, blacks, and greens. The style evokes images of old libraries, candlelit studies, and vintage artifacts. TikTok creators with this taste decorate the space with leather-bound books, classical art, and antique furniture.

As smartphones and devices are today’s standard elements, Dark Academia's interior design style emphasizes the bygone eras, where hand-written letters, typewriters, and vinyl records made up the status quo.

Key Takeaways

The interior design style has much more innovation than we know. While we only see selected styles that trend currently, a world of designs can set your home apart.

TikTok is a goldmine for home decor inspiration. Watch for these trending styles and consider how you might infuse a little TikTok inspiration into your space:

  • Memphis Design: A 1980s style from Milan with bold colors and abstract shapes, modernized for today with updated palettes and furnishings.
  • Cottagecore: Features rural settings with light-filled rooms, vintage furniture, and nature-inspired elements.
  • Minimalist Boho: A balanced blend of minimalism's clean lines and bohemian quirks, featuring versatile combinations like Scandinavian furniture with Moroccan touches.
  • Industrial Chic: A mix of rugged loft-style settings with touches of modern elegance, highlighting features like exposed beams and metallic accents.
  • Biophilic Design: A design that focuses on bringing nature indoors, showcasing plant walls, stone accents, and views of natural landscapes.
  • Dark Academia: An ode to old-world scholarly spaces with a moody palette reminiscent of vintage libraries, filled with classical art and antique elements.



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