6 Repairs You Need to Take Care of Before Selling Your House

September 26, 2023

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As a homeowner, you've probably adapted to your house's quirks over time. Whether it's those finicky door handles that require a nutcracker-like effort to open, cabinet doors that never quite close properly, or mold that seems to have obtained permanent residency status in your home, you've become intimately familiar with your home's imperfections.

However, once you plan to put your home up for sale, your perspective naturally shifts toward viewing these issues from the vantage point of potential buyers.

If you are a home seller dealing with competitive real estate markets like Florida, Texas, and Georgia, it’s important to keep your home in top-notch condition and make some essential repairs before putting it up for sale. The competitive nature of these real estate markets means buyers have plenty of options to choose from.

If you want to seal a lucrative deal faster, you need to position your home at the forefront of your buyers’ considerations and make it a hot commodity in the real estate market.

Let’s take a look at some critical repairs to take care of before listing your home in these competitive real estate markets:

Water Damage Restoration

If you live in Florida or Texas, your property is prone to water damage due to seasonal flooding. Recent statistics reveal that over 1.8 million homes in Florida and 1.15 million properties in Texas are at risk of flood damage. Additionally, leaky roofs, long-term water seepage, and foundation cracks can wreak havoc on your home’s structural integrity and deter potential buyers.

If your home has water damage issues, you need to address them promptly to mitigate the risks associated with them. We recommend hiring a renowned water damage restoration company like Flood Pros to repair any damages caused by water in the foundations, roofs, hidden cracks, etc.

Water restoration companies have certified professionals who take a comprehensive trip of your home to identify areas with significant water damage, mold growth, and structural issues. If your home is hit by a flood, they can remove the excess water, dry and dehumidify indoor spaces, and implement mold remediation strategies to prevent growth. They can also repair and restore the damaged components and return your home to its pre-damage condition.

Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues are a major cause of concern for homeowners and buyers alike as they can lead to mold, dry rot, and structural integrity issues in the long run. Ignoring these issues for a longer period can result in costly repairs down the road and may drastically reduce your home’s overall value.

Although the repair costs largely depend on the type, source, and severity of plumbing issues, most of them only require a superficial repair without removing flooring or exposing water lines. If you’re planning to sell your home any time soon, these repairs should be at the top of your list before putting your home up for sale.

Hire a professional plumber to thoroughly inspect your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry area and identify any issues. The experts will check for any clogged drains, blockages, burst pipes, leaks, and backflow issues. They will inspect your water heater for leaks or malfunctions. They will also check for low pressure in your faucets, showers, and toilets, indicating corrosion or mineral buildup in pipes.

Addressing these plumbing issues in advance gives an impression to potential buyers that the house is being looked after and ensures that your home is presented in pristine condition.

Roof Problems

The roof makes up the most substantial element of your home’s curb appeal. However, an aging roof or even minor repair issues can negatively impact your home’s net worth. If a home inspector identifies potential roof damage, you might find yourself accepting a sale price considerably below your initial asking price.

Inspect your roof for any issues like missing or damaged shingles, ridge caps and weather strapping, clogged storm gutters, leaks, and signs of water damage. If your home has a chimney, check for any cracks and torn roofing material around the chimney cap. If you live in a hot and humid climate, check for any curled shingles caused by sun damage.

Fortunately, most of the roof repairs only require minor fixes, repairs, or replacements. However, if the roof has deteriorated to the point of danger or causes a structural problem, be prepared for a complete roof replacement. Nonetheless, repairing roof problems can potentially avoid future damage and convince potential buyers that your house is in excellent shape.

Electrical Updates

Electrical issues in homes are serious safety hazards and cause approximately 51,000 electrical fires and over 500 deaths each year. Faulty wiring, electrical failure, and outdated electrical systems can be a major turnoff for potential buyers and eventually reduce your home’s value.

Before you list your home for sale, be sure to check your home’s electrical system and make simple fixes like securing any hanging wires or open circuits, changing frayed wiring, and replacing fused or faulty switches and extensions. Hire an electrician to upgrade your home's electrical system and ensure it meets all the necessary safety regulations.

Ventilation, Heating, and AC Issues

For any potential buyer, your home’s comfort and energy efficiency is a major consideration. A well-functioning heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is usually at the top of buyers’ wish lists to ensure comfort within the confines of their future home.

Remember, simply because your HVAC system isn't operating or running effectively doesn't mean you need to replace it. Minor repairs and servicing can work wonders in making your HVAC like new and ensuring optimal function. However, if your HVAC system has crossed its estimated lifespan and become inefficient, upgrading to a more energy-efficient model might be necessary.

Window and Door Repairs

Any issues with your home’s foundation can adversely affect doors and windows and create noticeable gaps in between. Leaky windows and doors reduce energy efficiency, produce drafts, and raise utility costs. Moreover, humid climate and water damage to the frames can make the doors and windows difficult to close.

Have your windows, screens, glass, and frames replaced or repaired if they’re broken, rotten, or damaged in any way before putting your home up for sale. Change doors’ hardware, jambs, and facing to restore them to their original condition.

Wrapping Up

As homeowners, we all want to sell our houses at premium prices and grab handsome profits. Making the above-mentioned easy repairs and upgrades before selling your house not only enhances its marketability but also allows you to potentially command a higher asking price.

Although these repairs may require some investment, the return on these investments can be massive and worthwhile in the end. Additionally, addressing these issues before listing your home can expedite the selling process and minimize the likelihood of negotiations or buyer demands for repairs during the closing process.


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