7 funniest stupid laws

September 19, 2023


Laws exist to foster safety and justice within society, yet some laws have gone too far and become too eccentric. Governments have passed laws which, upon further reflection, seem ridiculous in real-world application. We will look at some of the funniest, bizarrest, and ridiculous statutes from multiple US states in this article.


1. South Dakota Does Not Allow Sleepover in Cheese Production Facilities


South Dakota may boast an expansive dairy industry, yet sleeping inside any cheese factories there is strictly illegal. According to South Dakota Codified Law 22-18-20 it is an offense for anyone sleeping or being present within any cheese factory between 6 PM and 6 AM if that facility houses cheese production lines.

The law seeks to prevent workers from injuring themselves when sleeping while on the job; however, its requirements seem far too specific for protecting only cheese factories during specified hours of the day.


2. Arizona No Hunt Camel Hunts Allowed


Arizona was one of the premier states for camel hunting during its early 1900s glory days; but times have since changed drastically. Under Arizona Revised Statute (17-309) it is illegal to hunt camels; yet considering there have been no wild camels since 1800s in Arizona this law seems outdated and mostly useless.

Law can often seem outdated; yet it remains on the books as repeal or amendment can only occur through legislative processes which can often prove cumbersome and lengthy.


3. Michigan law does not permit car sales on Sunday.


Under Michigan law, any car dealer that engages in sales on Sunday is illegal. Although some have expressed complaints to Michigan lawmakers regarding this ban on Sunday sales for car dealers' merchants, few people dispute its usefulness or necessity.

Michigan's late-1800s Blue Laws prohibited commercial activities on Sundays due to them being considered holy days; though these regulations eventually became outdated and were no longer upheld formally; car sales sales restrictions, for instance, never received official appeal.


4. No singing off-key is allowed in North Carolina


North Carolina law makes it illegal to sing off-key in public spaces. While its implementation and prosecution remain unknown, perhaps this law was written so as to eliminate an excuse to create disturbance in its public spaces.


5. Fishing While Drunk in Kansas


Kansas passed a law in 1895 limiting fishing to only sober individuals, according to authorities' perceptions, fishing while under the influence is dangerous and could potentially result in dangerous incidents. Unfortunately, given it is nearly impossible to assess an individual's blood alcohol levels without testing, enforcement of this law remains impractical.

Kansas Statutes define it as illegal to engage in any "sporting activity", including fishing while under the influence of alcohol or any drug. Violating this law could incur fines or even short-term prison sentences for violators.


6. Hunting of Whales in Oklahoma Prohibited


Oklahoma, located in the center of America has passed some strange laws; none top those prohibiting whale hunting and possession of whale parts anywhere within Oklahoma's boundaries. Hunting or possessing them illegal!

This law may have originated at a time when America had an active commercial whaling industry and may serve as a preventative measure today, since enforcement will likely prove futile. 


7. No swearing allowed in Georgia public places


Georgia laws forbid "cursing or making offensive gestures in any public place in Georgia", leading to legal proceedings and up to $1000 fine for such behaviors.

Swearing around children is considered an offense with stiffer penalties due to its contribution to juvenile delinquency. Though enforcement may prove challenging, its goal remains clear - discouraging offensive language while upholding moral standards in society as whole.



Laws play an essential role in safeguarding citizens' welfare and upholding civilized societies, yet some laws appear strange or lack practical application due to being outdated or not being enforced properly. Here are just a few bizarre or absurd statutes found across America; more can be found online.

Although legislation exists to deter dangerous or unlawful behaviors, other laws can lack an apparent reason or justification and be open for discussion as to their applicability and appropriateness. Legislators' intentions may have been good; nevertheless laws which make no logical sense at present detract from its integrity overall.

Finally, while many absurd laws provide good fodder for humor or entertainment purposes, we must also ensure our legal system functions effectively and appropriately. States should regularly review existing legislation and take serious consideration into amending or repealing those that no longer serve a practical purpose.


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