8 Ways to Design Your Home Perfectly for This Autumn

September 5, 2023

As the leaves start to change and the air gets crisper, it's time to prepare your home for autumn. Warming up your home decor doesn't have to be complicated. With some simple changes using items you may already have on hand, you can easily transition your spaces to be extra inviting for fall. Whether you love bringing nature indoors, creating an autumnal color palette, or maximizing coziness through lighting and textiles, there are endless possibilities. Well, this article is going to be be pretty helpful for you in that means. Let's begin.

Key Takeaways:

  • Add Warm Textures Layer in warm textures like wool blankets, cashmere throws, sheepskin rugs, or velvet pillows. These natural materials add comfort and richness to any space.
  • Use Fall Colors
    Incorporate autumnal colors like burnt orange, mustard yellow, deep reds, and earthy greens. Add pillows, blankets, flowers or other accent pieces in these hues. Paint an accent wall in a fall palette.
  • Light Candles Candles instantly make a home feel cozy. Display candles with fall scents like apple cinnamon, pumpkin spice or maple pecan. Groupings of candles in glass hurricane vases or brass candlesticks look lovely.
  • Change Up Your Linens Swap out lightweight linens for heavier fabrics like flannel and brushed cotton in plaid, stripe and check prints. These warmer bedding options add a rustic cabin vibe.
  • Style with Natural Elements Create simple woodland-inspired decor with natural items like pinecones, acorns, leaves, branches and flowers. Display them in bowls, jars, vases or wreaths.
  • Add Warm Lighting Use lamps, sconces and natural daylight to make things bright and inviting. Install dimmers to control ambiance. Try using smart bulbs that let you program lighting schedules.
  • Tend to Houseplants As plants come indoors for winter, give them some extra love. Repot those that have outgrown containers, and prune back any leggy growth. Grouping plants together looks colorful and lush.
  • Declutter and Clean Before hibernating indoors, do a deep clean and purge unused items. A tidy, clutter-free home feels instantly more relaxing.

Here are the 8 tips expanded with over 200 words for each:

1. Add Warm Textures Layering in warm textures like wool blankets, cashmere throws, sheepskin rugs, or velvet pillows is an easy way to instantly make your home feel more cozy and inviting for the fall and winter seasons. The natural materials add a plush softness and richness that contrasts nicely with wood, leather, and other elements often found in home decor. Drape wool blankets over armchairs and sofas in neutral colors like oatmeal and cream to pull spaces together. Cashmere throws in solid colors or simple patterns add refined elegance; layer them at the foot of the bed or fold them over the back of a sofa. Sheepskin and faux fur rugs are ideal for adding comfortable softness underfoot in living rooms and bedrooms. Try a sheepskin throw blanket at the end of a bed. Velvet pillows can infuse spaces like family rooms, offices and bedrooms with texture; look for rich jewel-toned hues like emerald green and sapphire blue for a pop of color. Mix and match these cozy materials for lots of layered warmth.

2. Use Fall Colors Incorporate autumnal colors like burnt orange, mustard yellow, deep reds, and earthy greens to easily transition your home's decor for fall. These colors add warmth and connect your indoor spaces to the seasonal changes happening outside. Add pillows or throws in these fall hues to your neutral sofas or chairs for an easy color infusion. Roll out an area rug that combines some of these rich tones for an instant seasonal update. Fresh flowers in fall colors can brighten up coffee tables, credenzas and dining tables; try different arrangements featuring sunflowers, gerbera daisies, spider mums, dahlias or chrysanthemums. Display gourds and mini pumpkins in burnt oranges, deep greens, reds and yellows as organic decor. Paint an accent wall in your living room or office a fall color like mustard or olive green to define the space. Switch out lighter colored curtains for options in deeper, warmer earth tones. The possibilities are endless for easily working in these fall palette colors.

3. Light Candles There's nothing like candlelight to make a home feel instantly cozy. Display candles prominently during autumn to add flickering ambiance and seasonal scents to your home decor. Arrange groupings of candles in glass hurricanes, glass votives or clear vases for warm diffuse light. Choose candles in fall flavors like apple cinnamon, maple caramel and pumpkin spice to fill the air with delicious aromas. For dining tables, create a seasonal centerpiece with a mix of candles surrounded by gourds, dried leaves and moss. Put out candles with woodsy scents like cedar and birch throughout living spaces. Complement your autumnal palette with candles in harvest colors like orange, sage green, rust red and yellow. Brass and gold candlesticks and lanterns make candles the center of attention. Allowing candlelight to take center stage is an easy step that instantly infuses your home with fall magic.

4. Change Up Your Linens Swap out lightweight linens for heavier fabrics like flannel and brushed cotton in plaid, stripe and check prints. These cozier bedding and table linen options instantly shift the feel of your home to be more fitting for autumn and the colder months ahead. Flannel sheets in classic plaids lend a rustic cabin vibe to the bedroom. Look for flannels in weightier options that will keep you extra warm on chilly nights. Brushed cotton also has a cozy, textured feel and comes in fun buffalo check or tartan prints. Make your bed extra inviting with a mountain of plush pillows and layer on a chunky hand-knit throw at the foot. For the dining table, use cotton or linen runners and placemats featuring fall motifs like leaves and acorns. Roll up your summer tablecloths and swap them out for layers of textured tablecloths in deeper tones. The new colors and fabrics will make your home feel like an autumnal wonderland.

5. Style with Natural Elements Incorporate organic decor that reflects the natural beauty happening outdoors. Create simple woodland-inspired decor using items straight from nature like pinecones, acorns, colorful fall leaves, bare branches, moss, and dried flowers or herbs. Display them artfully in tabletop vignettes by grouping them in bowls, glass jars, stone vases or planters. Drape fall garlands made from grapevines, flowers, leaves and other foraged materials over fireplace mantels or stair railings. Use birch logs and tree stump accent tables to add rustic natural style. Make a statement by creating a wall display of bare branches, leaves and pine cones. For dining tables or kitchen islands, fill empty vases with autumn foliage and blooms like red maple leaves, dahlias, chrysanthemums and purple cabbage. By creatively working with these natural items in your home decor, you'll capture the essence of the forest and autumn's organic beauty.

6. Add Warm Lighting Use lamps, sconces and natural daylight to make your home feel bright and inviting. Install dimmers on any overhead lighting to control the ambiance and create a warm glow. Position floor lamps and table lamps strategically to illuminate cozy seating areas and reading nooks. Try using smart bulbs that let you program lighting schedules to automatically create the perfect lighting scene for any activity or time of day. Use multiple light sources to layer illumination and accentuate home decor. Allow an abundance of natural light to stream in through windows during the day. Then as the sun sets, turn on lamps to cast a warm glow. Place candles around the home and light the fireplace to maximize coziness at night. Making small upgrades to lighting can completely transform the look and feel of home interiors.

7. Tend to Houseplants As plants come indoors for the colder months, be sure to give them a little extra care and attention. Repot those that have outgrown their containers into roomier pots using fresh potting mix, then top off with new mulch or pebbles. Prune back any leggy or overgrown stems and leaves to encourage bushier regrowth. Wipe dust off leaves, and trim any dead or dying foliage. Mist plants regularly with water to increase humidity around them. Move plants to optimal natural light locations near windows or supplement with grow lights. Grouping houseplants together in corners or on accent tables creates an indoor jungle effect. Rotate plants monthly so all sides get light. Keeping houseplants thriving with a little TLC helps purify indoor air and brings energy and cheer inside.

8. Declutter and Clean Before hunkering down at home for winter, take time to do a deep clean and purge any unused items. Go through each room and sort through belongings, donating or recycling anything you no longer need. Thoroughly clean floors, wash windows, dust surfaces, sanitize kitchens and bathrooms. Eliminate clutter from counters and cash in drawers. Store excess decorative items and textiles. Organize paperwork and files. Decluttering reduces mental stress and frees up valuable space in your home. A tidy, clutter-free home with rooms streamlined to just the essentials feels instantly more relaxing. Light some candles to create ambiance, then enjoy the calming vibe of your newfound minimalist oasis.

What are the best things about autumn?

Some of the best things associated with autumn are:

  • Gorgeous fall foliage with trees turning vibrant colors
  • Cool, crisp weather and cozy sweaters and blankets
  • Warm drinks like apple cider, pumpkin spice lattes and hot chocolate
  • Baking comforting recipes and enjoying seasonal produce like apples, squash and pumpkins
  • Getting creative with autumnal crafts and decorations
  • Holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving
  • Outdoor activities like apple picking and hiking amidst fall scenery

Why does everyone change up their home decor in autumn?

People change up home decor in the fall for several reasons:

  • To reflect the new season and the visual changes happening outdoors
  • Decorate for autumn holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving
  • Incorporate warmer textures and colors to make indoor spaces cozier
  • Add elements like candles, blankets, and nature-inspired decor that create a fall ambiance
  • Freshen up their living spaces for the new season
  • Express their creativity through DIY autumn crafts and arrangement
  • Exchange lighter summer items for heavier fabrics and accessories
  • Welcome family/friends with festive autumn touches during holiday gatherings

Bonus At the End

Betty jean from Repelis24 suggests that meal prep comforting fall recipes like soups, chilis and baked goods gives a welcome feel to Autumn season. A simmering potpourri fills the air with seasonal scents. Cozy up indoors with relaxing activities like reading, crafting or listening to music. Enjoy the life as it's too short if you start living it.


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