A Parent's Guide to the Gospel Project for Kids

September 15, 2023


Equip parents with take-home family pages summarizing the week's Bible story and main point. Please encourage them to connect during the week by discussing these passages at dinner or bedtime.

Help kids see their genuine faith by letting them interview family members about their spiritual journeys and sharing their testimonies. Play worship music at home. Sing with your kids at mealtimes.

The Story

The goal is to impart a lasting understanding of Jesus to children that will last throughout their lives. To that end, a comprehensive curriculum uses mentoring relationships to nurture kids. We offer clear steps for parents to discipline their children and simple lesson plans at each age level to make preparation easy. The curriculum covers the Bible chronologically so that kids will be familiar with every significant Biblical story by the time they reach preteen. Kids will memorize key Scripture passages and draw illustrations of those stories in their Bible story narration notebook. They'll also orally narrate each week's Bible story on video and complete a written narration, creating a 12-page keepsake by the end of the year.

Children are naturally receptive to sensory input, and many are moved to worship by visual arts, music, delicious foods, intoxicating scents, new textures, and dancing. It serves them best in the long term to ensure they understand God's story of creation, the Fall, redemption, and restoration through Christ.

One of the most valuable tools in our arsenal is The Gospel Project for Kids, a Bible study curriculum that teaches the big picture of God's story through Old and New Testament Bible stories. It focuses on the "Christ Connection" to help kids see that every report in the Bible points to Jesus.

The Savior

In a world where many Bible study materials sacrifice biblical concepts on the altar of entertainment, Gospel Project for Kids doesn't. Its lessons keep children engaged through interactive games, Bible story videos, discussion, questions that promote higher-level thinking and application of the address, additional written and movement-based activities, and more. The most profound aspect of the curriculum's material is how it connects every lesson to Christ, who has everything to do with God's plan of redemption.

As the study progresses, kids learn how God pursues his people, even when disobedience leads to captivity. Sessions shows how a rescuer would be sent to save them and reveals that Jesus is the rescuer God has been waiting for since the beginning.

In this way, the study teaches kids that the Bible is not just a collection of stories but one unified story of God's redemption through his son. The lessons from Genesis to Revelation help kids see that the Bible points towards Jesus. The Gospel Project's chronological approach, adapted to each age group, is perfect for guiding children to develop a meaningful relationship with the Lord as they experience His kindness.

The Church

In every generation, God has entrusted the church with a grand mission. From re-creation to evangelism, God calls his people to be a part of his work in the world. That's why the Gospel Project teaches kids that the Bible is more than a book of laws to be obeyed. It's the story of a God who comes to save his people from their sins.

Developed by LifeWay, the Gospel Project immerses children of all ages in biblical truth. Its Christ-centered study shows kids that the Bible is one unified story, and its chronological study plan unites scripture's big ideas into a cohesive understanding of God's redemption story.

As a leading provider of Sunday school curriculum, the Gospel Project is designed to serve churches of all sizes. Whether your ministry serves 20 kids or 200, 5 students or 50, 3 adults or 30—we offer resources that adapt to your unique ministry strategy and discipleship goals. Their goal is to equip your church to fulfill its mission, which we believe can only be accomplished through the power of the Gospel.

The World

From the earliest days of Awana, we've been called to make disciples of kids. Today, they partner with churches in 134 countries to provide relational, scriptural, and experiential child discipleship that helps kids know, love, and serve Jesus for a lifetime.

We proudly partner with LifeWay's Gospel Project curriculum in our Sunday school programs for preschoolers through adolescent students and aggregation members. This Christ-centered, chronological approach guides kids and their families to a meaningful connection with God by walking them through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

The Gospel Project immerses children in scripture as they understand that all of it points to Jesus. It is one of the most popular curriculum options, and for good reason! Unlike other curricula that sacrifice Biblical concepts for entertainment, the Gospel Project for Kids is engaging. Each lesson includes airplane countdowns that excite the kids about the class and a story video that brings the Bible to life and encourages discussion. These questions promote higher-level thinking and application, movement-based activities, handouts for parents and other family members, and more.

Choosing the right curriculum for your church is an important decision. There are countless prime-quality options on the market, but which suits you? To help you make the best decision for your ministry, we've broken down the advantages of both Grow and The Gospel Project.


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