All Jojo Moyes Books: A Journey Through Her Entire Collection

September 11, 2023


Author, journalist, and screenwriter Jojo Moyes hails from England. Her works have been international best-sellers. She earned her Bachelor of Arts at London's Royal Holloway and her Master of Arts at City. She has an English birthplace: Maidstone.

Over 38 million copies of her novels have been sold around the world in 46 different languages, and in 12 different countries, they are considered the best-sellers. There have been more than 38 million copies of books written by Jojo Moyes sold around the world.

All Jojo Moyes Books can be read independently of one another. The books of Jojo Moyes are listed here in order of their release.

Overview of Jojo Moyes's Biography

Early Years

In August 1969, Pauline Sara-Jo Moyes gave birth to Jojo Moyes in London, England. Her father was an alcoholic, and she was raised in a working-class household and had a difficult upbringing. Nevertheless, Moyes was a standout student at City University in London, majoring in journalism.


Jojo Moyes attended London University's Royal Holloway and Bedford New Colleges after receiving a degree in journalism from City University.

Personal Life

Three children have been born to Jojo Moyes and journalist Charles Arthur since their 1993 marriage. At the moment, they reside in Essex, England. Look at Jim Davis's Net Worth as well.

All Jojo Moyes Books

Sheltering Rain (2002)

Joy, a young woman 21, has no intention of falling in love with Edward, a handsome navy officer she meets at an ex-pat party in 1950s Hong Kong. She gets married immediately and takes off with her newlywed boyfriend to see the world. But married life turns out to be more complicated than she had anticipated.

Foreign Fruit (2003)

People in the beach resort of Merham in the 1950s were keenly aware of their social status. Lottie and Celia are enticed to join the bohemians who have recently moved into the large Art Deco house on the beachfront known as Arcadia. The events inside the house are sad and have far-reaching repercussions.

Windfallen (2003)

The lives of two ladies become entangled in the context of a beautiful English beach mansion. Lottie Swift sees her home, Arcadia, as a magical kingdom. Lottie's fate is tied to that of Arcadia, even though its progressive decline reflects her existence. As she works to restore the building, she rediscovers a long-lost love and a surprising and remarkable friendship.

The Peacock Emporium (2005)

People were more enthusiastic about the 1960s than Athene Forster. The Last Deb was a beautiful, spoilt, and unruly young woman. The rumors started up again less than two years after her wedding. Within its enchanted walls, she finds more than just companionship and a way out of her tumultuous marriage; she also finds her first true love.

The Ship of Brides (2005)

The Ship of Brides is set in the years following World War II and tells the story of four Australian ladies who, along with 650 other brides, make a stunning voyage to England aboard the magnificent HMS Victoria. Her life will take a surprising turn for the better as she overcomes obstacles and has new adventures far from home.

Silver Bay (2007)

This coastal installment in JoJo Moyes' series is a must-read for fans of her novels set in smaller towns. Liza and her daughter enjoy the safety that living in a small town gives, and Liza will do anything to keep it that way. A new danger is a developer's plan to construct a resort in direct competition with Liza's aunt's hotel.

Night Music (2008)

Classical violinist Isabel Delancey never took her privileged position for granted. But when her husband dies suddenly and leaves her with a mound of debt, Isabel and her two children have little choice but to leave their home and relocate to the Spanish House, a decaying estate in the English countryside that was Isabel's inheritance.

The Last Letter From Your Lover (2008)

Ellie, a journalist, is skeptical that she will find any interesting material when digging through the newspaper's back issues. After a car accident in 1960, Jennifer finds herself in a medical facility. She has no clue of her own identity or that she is married.

The Horse Dancer (2009)

In the hopes that Sarah will follow in his footsteps and attend an elite French riding school far from their rough London neighborhood, Sarah's grandfather sends her a lovely horse named Boo, and she trains in the parks and alleys of the city. But when Sarah's grandfather gets sick, she must balance riding with hospital trips.

Honeymoon in Paris (2012)

The Girl You Left Behind centers on two tragic love stories. That of Liv Halston and her husband David, and that of Sophie and Édouard Lefèvre in France during World War I. Both couples go on their honeymoon in Paris several years before the events in The Girl You Left Behind.

The Girl You Left Behind (2012)

While her husband is off fighting, Sophie Lefèvre of Paris, France, bravely watches over their home and children. When the Germans invade, Sophie is enslaved in her hotel. Sophie's husband painted a portrait of her, and the new Kommandant sees it and becomes dangerously obsessed with her.

Me Before You (2012)

Will needed Lou just as much as she did, but can his life be saved by her affection alone? You can learn a lot from Lou Clark. She has counted the distance from the bus station to her house. She knows she enjoys her job at The Buttered Bun and may not love her boyfriend, Patrick.

One Plus One (2014)

One lone mother. A tumultuous familial unit. A single attractive stranger. Only the most improbable romance. Jess Thomas has two kids and two jobs as a single parent. Her daughter Tanzie has a knack for numbers but needs assistance before she can truly shine in that area. A romance between the two wanderers will blossom under the most unusual conditions.

After You (2015)

After You is the sequel to the acclaimed novel Me Before You, and it chronicles Louisa Clark's journey to recover after the loss of Will Traynor through the lens of universal themes like loss, friendship, and perseverance. New characters, like Lily, who aids Lou in her quest to find herself, are introduced throughout the story as After You follows Lou as she relocates to London.

Paris for One and Other Stories (2016)

From the author of the New York Times bestseller The Giver of Stars comes an irresistibly romantic anthology of comedy and emotion titled Paris for One and Other Stories.

Still Me (2018)

The final installment of the Me Before You series is titled Still Me. It turns out that it wasn't as simple for Louisa Clark to leave her history behind as she had imagined when she moves to New York City with her fresh flame, Sam.

The Giver of Stars (2019)

The Giver of Stars is JoJo Moyes's best novel. It's set in Depression-era rural Kentucky, far removed from her other novels. From the very first page, the story of the women who made house calls to deliver books fascinated me.

Someone Else’s Shoes (2023)

When Nisha Cantor's husband abruptly cuts her off, she is left with nothing but the clothes on her back and the shoes on her feet. Sam Kemp, a 47-year-old single mother from the projects, finds Nisha's sneakers and exercise bag and ends up keeping them. As their lives intersect, the two ladies learn that putting oneself in another person's shoes can provide surprising insights and changes.


Jojo Moyes is a gifted novelist with interesting protagonists, exciting plots, and profound messages. There's something for everyone in Jojo Moyes's writing, from feel-good romances to probing looks at loss and disability. You can review more about All Jojo Moyes Books at Shalini's Book Reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the title of Jojo Moyes' most recent novel?

Someone Else’s Shoes (2023)! The release date for my newest novel, Someone Else's Shoes, is February 2, 2023.

Where does Jojo Moyes' story go?

Me Before You is a millennial Love Story, a tearjerker about two people from diverse backgrounds who find purpose in one other and fall in love as they learn to compromise and follow their paths to fulfillment.

What about the ending of "Me Before You"?

Me Before You has the exact resolution as the book from which it was based, written by Jojo Moyes: Despite his feelings for his carer, Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke), main character Will Traynor (Sam Claflin), opts for assisted suicide.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes – Reading Level?

The CEFR equivalent of Level 4 Reader material, like "Me Before You," is A2+. Multiple clause phrases, including the perfect present straightforward passive voice, phrasal verbs, and simple relative clauses, are used throughout the text.







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