Bring the Attention of Your Customers to the Most Lucrative Deals Through Shopify Discount Code Popups

September 25, 2023

If you are seeking Shopify app development for your online store, you must know that there are ample features and functionalities that you can consider adding to your store to enhance its user experience.

Among those features, one of the functions that are very demanding and rewarding for Shopify businesses is the discount code popup. The purpose of these pop ups is to allow your customers to pay attention to the hot sales or deals.

In general, most of the store visitors might just skip through the discount labels over the landing. For them, these pop ups will act as a gentle reminder that their shopping experience can be improved by a live discount.

Thus, it helps the Shopify store owners boost their sales and conversion rate and boost their loyalty quotient as well. Most of the Shopify store owners have even reported a hike in their customer retention rate upon using this feature.

If you intend to learn more about the Shopify discount code popup feature, then this article is a brief guide for you to get an insight into it. Read along till the end!

What are Shopify Discount Code Popups, and Why Should You Care?

The Shopify discount popups are simple modal boxes meant to display unique offers or discounts on the storefront to engage site visitors. It is basically one of the best Shopify apps that can be integrated into the store for displaying the set message in a popup window, enabling customers to avail of the promotion or discount.

These apps are used to encourage customers to make a purchase and boost the sales rate through a limited-time coupon or discount code. The best thing is the discount code popup apps can be used for customizing the offers and messages based on diverse analysis reports, such as browsing history or active period of customers.

What are the Benefits of Using Shopify Discount Code Popups?

To help you feel more convinced upon using the discount app Shopify popups, here are some benefits for you to count on:

Boosts the Conversion Rates

The best perk of introducing these pop ups is you will be able to enhance the conversion rates immensely, especially for first-time visitors. With this, you will be able to convince the customers to buy at least something during the discount period to bring home a great deal.

For instance, if a customer has landed on your site for the first time and sees a popup with a prompt saying ‘Buy One Get One Free’, there’s a high chance the visitor would convert as a customer. If not, you can also offer freebies or flat discounts through these prompts.

Enhances the Count of Repeat Sales

With the Shopify discount code popups, there’s a great chance for consumers to return to your store for a repeat purchase. When you offer them good discounts and deals the first time through the surprise pop-ups, it would encourage them to come back and make a new purchase.

Thus, it will allow the customers to be loyal to your brand, knowing that you keep offering great deals to them. As per a study, it is believed that returning customers are expected to spend 67% more than that of new customers. Therefore, you need to look after holding onto your existing customers.

Increase the AOV (Average Order Value)

The discount code app Shopify popups are meant to scale your average order value as well. It is because, as per statistics, it is proven that people who get discount codes tend to spend more than the usual customers. Therefore, as your Shopify discount code popups will be convincing and convert the visitors into customers, they will eventually buy more from your store and will increase your AOV.

Shopify store owners can also direct their popups to send out a message of giving out a freebie or added discount when customers shop for a specific total amount. Thus, it will encourage the customers to add a few more products to their store to make the full amount enough to be eligible for the discount or freebie.

Time the Promotions Right

With the introduction of Shopify discount code popup apps in your store, you will be able to schedule your offers, discounts, or freebies for specific times, days, or occasions. It will help you be one step ahead of your competition and bring out the best offers for your customers without delay.

Thus, your promotion timings will be optimized, which will help you reach out to the customers at the earliest before your competitors do.

Build A Productive Email List

The Shopify discount code popup apps can also be used for adding prompts on email opt-ins. It means you can put up an incentive or discount offer for people who sign up for your newsletter services by giving in their email IDs.

Thus, it will help you build a healthy email list, which you can use for marketing your services, products, or discounts better and even on a personalized level.

Lower Customer Acquisition Cost

Integrating a Shopify discount popup app into your store is one of the most cost-efficient ways to drive impeccable sales and promote your brand offering. It is because your cost of acquiring the customers through it is the least in comparison to all of the other marketing channels.

What are Some of the Best Practices that Shopify Store Owners must Adopt While Adding Discount Code Popups?

Some of the best practices that the Shopify store owners must implement while introducing discount code popups to their customers over the site are:

  • You must offer a discount that seems valuable to the customers but should not put you in a difficult financial crisis. So, be aware of all the factors that go into providing a discount.
  • Be assured the message that you are conveying through the popups is clear, concise, and easy to understand. This is because customers should be able to get the point of the popup within one glance; otherwise, they would just close it.
  • In certain cases, you can just create popups for the targeted customer segments with some extent of personalization. You can do it for people who have abandoned the carts or are visiting the site for the first time.
  • Give a sense of urgency with your popups by adding phrases and graphics to promote the ‘limited time offer’ or ‘Till Stocks Last’ message.

Bottom Line

You must seek Shopify app development by the experts and get your discount code popup feature embedded in the store. When you provide your site visitors with a discount code or a special offer, they will be enticed to purchase from you over your competitors. You just need to market your offers right while being in the profit circle.

So, if you didn’t care to add discount code popups to your store till now, let’s get along with it right away. Connect with the experts and allow your Shopify store to scale to new profitable heights.


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