Building a Successful Clan in 7 Days to Die

September 20, 2023

7 Days to Die is a post-apocalyptic survival game where players must scavenge for resources, build shelters, and defend against hordes of zombies. In this game, joining or creating a clan can greatly enhance your chances of survival and success. However, many players find it difficult to establish and maintain a successful clan.

If you want to build a successful clan in 7 Days to Die, there are several key factors you need to consider. To help you, we’ve provided you with a guide so you can increase your chances of creating a powerful and thriving clan.

Give Your Clan a Unique Name

You may want to give your clan a cool name in 7 Days to Die. If you’re struggling to come up with a witty clan name, then use a clan name generator. You’ll then have a wide range of options to choose from that suits your party’s gaming style.

How to Add Friends to Your Clan

In order for you to build a clan in this popular online game, you must be able to add them to your party. You can create a private server and add players to be your allies or to join your party. To do this, simply press the letter “i” on your keyboard. A pop-up window will appear.

You’ll then see all the players on your server and plus icons under “Party” and “Allies.” Click on the plus icon under the “Party” column to add people to your clan. Once someone has been added, you’ll be able to see their health bar on your screen.

Checking Information for the Players You Add

When you press the letter “i” on your keyboard, you’ll also see some important information on players, such as how many times they’ve died and how many kills they have under their name. You’ll also be able to see where they are on the map.

You may want to check certain information, such as how many kills a character has accomplished and when last they died, because it might be an indication that the player knows how to survive. You can also see how many items a character has crafted, which might help your clan in the long run.

Building Character Level

To progress in the game, you and your friends must build your character level by gaining experience. You’ll see the level you need to be on to progress under your stats.

You may want to add people to your party that are at a higher level. These players are stronger, and it’s also an indication that they have sufficient experience in playing the game, so they’ll help your clan survive.

Building Skills and Perks

As you and your friends progress through the game, you’re able to gain skill points, and you can add these points to different perks you’d like to improve on. Perks increase your character’s effectiveness.

For example, they can make you more proficient at fighting or even using specific weapons. Other perks are able to help you and your clan collect better resources or build higher-quality items.

You and the players in your clan must also increase the five main attributes in the game to be able to play at a higher level. These attributes are:

  • Intellect
  • Fortitude
  • Strength
  • Perception
  • Agility

As a player, you must upgrade attributes to a certain level before you can increase your perks.

Other Qualities to Look for In Players

Commitment to the Game

Players with a commitment to the game are more likely to be consistent in their gameplay and show up regularly. This ensures that the clan can function efficiently, as there will always be members available to participate in cooperative activities, defend the clan's base, and contribute to the clan's overall progress.

The Ability to Strategize

In 7 Days to Die, the survival aspect heavily relies on building a strong and secure base to defend against hordes of zombies. Players with strategic thinking can analyze the terrain, plan the layout, and optimize resource allocation to create a base that is well-defended and efficient.

Good Communication Skills

Effective communication allows clan members to coordinate their actions and strategies efficiently. In 7 Days to Die, teamwork and coordination are essential for surviving against hordes of zombies and completing tasks such as base building, resource gathering, and exploring. Players with good communication skills can convey their plans, assign roles, and react quickly to changing situations.

Final Thoughts

7 Days to Die is an exciting game to play. But if you don’t have the right team, then it can quickly become frustrating. If you want to build a successful clan, then follow the advice in this guide so you can become a force to be reckoned with in the game!


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