Chase-Lloyd House: The Annapolis Estate

September 9, 2023

Chase-Lloyd House is a renowned historic building in Maryland. The home was initially built for Samuel Chase. However, he sold his estate in 1771. At that time, it was not complete. He sold this unfinished home to Edward Lloyd, a wealthy American planter. Later, Lloyd completed it probably in 1774. It remained in the ownership of the family of Edward Lloyd for many years. In 1970, it was designated as a National Historic Landmark. Check out the Chase-Lloyd house below.

Where is Chase-Lloyd House Located?

Chase-Lloyd House is located in Annapolis, MD. It is a city in Maryland. Moreover, this city is in Anne Arundel County.

The house had more than two bedrooms and more than two bathrooms with over 1,000 square feet of space. The construction of this stunning historic home started in 1769. Its architectural style is Georgian. Moreover, it's a three-story graceful home with gorgeous staircases and several other features. The walls of the building are probably eighteen inches thick. Furthermore, the estate has a red brick exterior with appealing white framed windows and an impressive front white door. The door frames are beautifully carved. The residence's actual kitchen was in the basement. In addition, the spacious entrance hall and amazing woodwork in the dining room make it an exceptional property. Also, the home boasts enchanting gardens. Furthermore, the magnificent appealing home's interior design was by a renowned British architect, William Buckland.


Bedrooms: 2+

Bathrooms: 2+

Square Feet: 1,000+ sqft

Chase-Lloyd House Address: Maryland Ave, Annapolis, MD 21401, United States

Photos: Chase-Lloyd House

Chase-Lloyd House

Chase-Lloyd House

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