Choosing the Perfect Artificial Topiary Balls for Your Front Door Decor

September 7, 2023


Grab your shades and get ready for a crash course in front door fabulousness, starring none other than the superstars of the green scene – Artificial Topiary Balls . Don't worry, we won't be asking you to serenade your plants with Shakespearean sonnets. We're diving into a world of leafy goodness that's as easy as a Sunday morning.

"But why should I care about artificial topiary balls?" you might be thinking, as you sip your coffee. Well, hold onto your gardening gloves and get ready to unravel the secrets that are about to upgrade your front porch game without all the plant parenting drama. So, let's roll up those sleeves and learn how to pick the crème de la crème of topiary balls for your front door dazzle.

1. Size Matters

You want your home to give the impression that you know what you are doing decor wise, & that you love your home, right? Getting the right size scale topiary balls matters. Too big and your space looks crowded, too small and you don't make the impact you intend to. If you have a large space or front doors that are grand, use the largest topiary balls you can get your hands on. If your front door needs just the finishing touch, you can go for average sized topiary balls (16" diameter is average). This example below shows a beautiful grand front entrance. We placed the largest scale topiary ball (23” diameter)with a 30” tall planter (15” opening). You can see that the topiary balls are just the right size to make a great first impression, any smaller and the visual effect would be underwhelming.

2. Materials - more than meets the eye

If you are going to place an artificial plant at your front door it's going to make a statement, so make sure you get it right. It's not just about the look or filling space visually, it's about how they feel too. There are different types of foliage available for topiary balls, some look real - others, not so much. Plastic definition has come a long way, so use that technology and get something of great quality. The best bet is to go with topiary balls that fool people, keep them guessing if they are real or not. Always place something at your front door that you are proud of, it's your guests first impression of what is to be expected inside your home.

3. Shape It Up (Don't Be a Square, Unless You Want to Be)

Now, let's talk about shapes. Topiary balls come in all sorts of shapes and sizes – spheres, cones, spirals – it's a geometric buffet out there. Think of it as choosing a haircut for your door. Feeling classic and timeless like a sphere? Or ready to twist things up with a spiral? The power is in your hands, oh, design mavericks.

4. For the Sun-Kissed Porches: UV Protection

Is your front door getting more sun than a beach bum on vacation? Then let's talk about UV protection. We're not here for crispy, sunburned topiary balls. We're here for vibrant, fresh-looking ones that can handle the heat. It's a good idea to choose topiary balls that have been UV protected & certified. It's also a good idea to spray artificial plant UV protection yearly on your leafy friends to extend their color longevity.

5. Pots: A Front Door's Best Friend

Time to give some TLC to pots – the unsung heroes of topiary ball decor. Your topiary balls need a stylish home, and pots are where the party's at. Think about it – do you want a classic terracotta pot for that rustic charm? Or a sleek metallic one for a dash of modern magic? Your pot got to match your vibe and your porch's personality.

6. Maintenance Mojo (Are You a Plant Whisperer or Plant Neglecter?)

Now, let's talk about maintenance. Are you the type who can make plants grow just by looking at them? Or are you more like "water once a month and call it a day"? If it's the latter, you're in luck. Artificial topiary balls are here to save the day. No watering, no trimming, and no plant therapy sessions are required. They'll stay fabulous, no matter how busy you are.

7. Creative Swagger (Unleash Your Inner Decorating Diva)

Get ready for the fun part – let's get creative with your topiary balls. Slap on some twinkly fairy lights for a dash of nighttime enchantment. Tie on ribbons or bows that match the season – your front door's a fashion runway waiting to happen. It's your time to shine, oh, decorating virtuoso.

8. Budget-Friendly Brilliance (Saving Bucks and Looking Snazzy)

Think long-term. Good topiary balls are designed to last several years. You'll save money when you simply divide the price by the number of years they last. Not only are they affordable, but you conserve water and your precious time.

9. Installation Simplified (No Need to Be an Engineer)

Assembling and securing your topiary balls is not complex. Your topiary balls should come with instructions that are as clear as a sunny day. Here are two videos on how to assemble your topiary balls Assembling your topiary balls and how to attach them to your planters.

10. Seasonal Switch-Ups (Topiary Balls: The Ultimate Fashion Statement)

Ah, the joys of the seasons! Just like you rotate your wardrobe, why not give your topiary balls a seasonal makeover? In spring, deck them out with pastel ribbons and blossoms. Come Halloween, introduce some spooktacular charm with faux cobwebs and tiny witches' hats. Tis the season to switch things up and keep your front door style fresh.

11. Mix 'n' Match Magic (Because Variety is the Spice of Life)

Who says you need to stick to one type of topiary ball? If space allows, try layering different sized planters and topiary balls. If you are going to use two different sized planters, always place the largest ones at the back, smaller up front. You can also try to mix textures of foliage as well from subtle greens meshing together to vibrant color contrast.

12. Topiary Balls on Parade (Let Them Take Center Stage)

Your topiary balls are the stars of the show, so why not give them the spotlight they deserve? Place them on a pedestal or a stylish stand to let them shine, making your front door area the talk of the town. You'll love the impact they make and the compliments you get from neighbors, as they look great and are outstanding even from a distance.


And there you have it. The front door makeover of your dreams is just a topiary ball away. Armed with these tips, you're practically an honorary member of the Plant Decor Squad. Whether you're a sunshine-soaked porch enthusiast or a plant parent who occasionally forgets names, these artificial topiary balls have got your back. From size to shape, materials to maintenance, you've cracked the code to front door fabulousness. So, when your guests arrive, let your topiary ball do the talking – a stylish and fuss-free welcome committee that's as vibrant as your personality. Get ready to turn that doorstep into a runway and make your front porch the coolest hangout spot in town.


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