Complete your wardrobe with these fashion tips for the upcoming festive season.

September 15, 2023


The holiday season is fast approaching. Throughout the globe, everyone will be celebrating one festival or another. There will be parties and after-parties to attend. The excitement and anticipation around festivals are always massive. You must be feeling it in the air. You are doing everything from getting the house ready to shopping for décor. But are you forgetting yourself? The festival season, parties, and gatherings require you to look your best. So, you need outfits (matching a perfect outfit is challenging). But you also need accessories, hair styling, makeup tips, and more. All festivals seem to fall at the same time. Thus, it is taxing on your pockets. However, if you plan your outfits, accessories, and everything else before, it is not. You can start acquiring them one by one and look your best.

Here are a few tips for looking your best in the upcoming fashion season.

Try experimental makeup

There is no better time than festivals to play with makeup. Recreating your favorite artistic or experimental makeup from the runway is ideal for the holiday season. Work with bright and bold colors, ideal for the holiday season. And the magic happens when you use it on your eye. Create drama in your eyes using bold and bright makeup. Complement it with a subtle lip color so it doesn't overpower your eye makeup.

Have crystal accessories that go beyond

Festival season is all about shining. And what could be better than using crystals to step into the festive season with a bang? Crystal accessories can add drama, glitter, and sparkle all at once. So many labels are coming out with crystal accessories other than Swarovski. There is Chloe, Versace, and more, delivering the best bling accessories for the festive season. You don't have to listen to this blog to buy crystals. But just look at your favorite celebrities, like Victoria Beckham, Kriti Sanon, or Dua Lipa. All of them are wearing bling crystals for parties. Your festive inspiration just got better.

Gold bangles for the win

The holiday season is perfect for buying and investing in gold. A few necessary gold accessories you should have are bangles or bracelets. They go well with traditional outfits, so all Indians will love them. A gold vermeil bangle is the perfect choice for festivals. Imagine wearing a silk kurta and a gold bangle, which is sophisticated and elegant but hits the spot.

Use an embellished clutch bag.

This year, leave your bulky bags at home. Take an embellished clutch bag or a stylish vintage Chanel bag when going to a house party or a festive fair. These are accessories that hold your essentials easily. But most importantly, they are statement pieces. It adds charm to your entire outfit. Go with clutches that have squints, beads, mirror work, or embroidery. When styling it, go with a clutch that contrasts your outfit. Also, get one with a detachable strip. It will allow you to either hold it in your hands or carry it on your shoulder, as you need.

Use layered necklaces.

Layered necklaces are perfect for this festive season. You can choose necklaces, pendants, or chokers of different sizes and mix and match them to layer them and create a unique style. Layering necklaces accentuates your neckline. It makes it the focal point and is ideal for sweetheart or V-neckline outfits.

Go with pastel outfits.

When looking for outfits for Christmas parties, make sure to go with pastel colors. Hues and pastels are in demand, and for all the right reasons. Parties and festivals have so much bling. There are super blingy decorations, and everything is in gold, silver, or bright colors. To stand out, choose pastel-colored outfits. It will make you stand out. Moreover, you can always enhance the outfits by pairing them with blingy crystal or gold accessories.

Go with classy gold earrings.

If you do not want to wear too many accessories, classy gold earrings are the way to go. They go with both elegant dresses and heavy outfits.

Get playful with blush.

Accentuate your cheeks this holiday season by adding a bit more blush. Add a textured blush and use a high-end powder to set it. Rare beauty blushes by Selena Gomez are all the rage these days, and for good reason. They are just perfect and pigmented, giving you the best results.

The festive season is about eating good food, being around family and friends, and slaying. Use these fashion tips and be in style. Try all these tips, from top accessories to trying Smokey Eyes for the first time and more. Lastly, be comfortable. Whatever you choose to wear or accessorize with, it should be comfortable. You will not slay if you do not feel at ease in your skin.







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