Copper accents: The ultimate touch of luxury in high-end property development

September 15, 2023

Desirable locations, amazing views, top class amenities and lots of space. All characteristics you would expect from a high-end property development.

So is exceptional interior design.

Even if you never see the exterior, the drive up to the building or the neighbourhood, you can tell a property is high-end by the interior.

Well-designed, quality materials, superb finishing and a feeling of luxury all sum up the interiors of high-end property developments.

But what can you use to generate that feeling?

Copper stands as a superior choice in interior design, its presence elevating spaces with an impact that goes beyond the ordinary and captivates all the senses.

You could consider copper features such as…

Copper bathtubs

There’s a reason you see so many freestanding copper bathtubs in luxury hotels and homes. Because they exude class and provide a focal point to centre an interior design around.

Copper bathtubs are the perfect showcase for copper. It could be the only copper feature in the room or fit within a coherent design. Either way, it can work wonders for creating that luxurious feeling we’re looking for.

Copper sinks

Copper sinks are a more subtle approach to high-end design, but just as impactful. They don’t make quite the same statement as a freestanding copper bath but they fit seamlessly into a space.

Whether you’re designing a kitchen or bathroom, a copper sink has all the aesthetic qualities we look for alongside practicality and usability.

Copper worktops

Copper worktops are another signature piece that exudes quality when tastefully incorporated. Their appeal extends beyond aesthetics, as copper worktops not only serve as statement pieces but also offer practicality.

These surfaces are easy to maintain, simple to clean, and boast antimicrobial properties, making them an excellent choice for kitchen worktops.

Copper splashbacks

Copper splashbacks tend to work well when part of a complete interior design plan in high-end property developments. They are best partnered with other copper accents such as pans, lights or exposed pipes.

Splashbacks are practical but they are primarily there to be admired. There’s nothing quite like the depth of character and patina of copper to create a feeling of luxury!

Copper wall panels

Copper wall panels prove invaluable in transforming challenging spaces, such as hallways, entrances, lobbies, boot rooms, or staircases. While their versatility allows placement in various locations, copper wall panels are often the most effective for spaces like these that are traditionally difficult to design.

These panels offer boundless creative possibilities, with options spanning diverse shapes, colours, and designs. They seamlessly integrate into your overarching design scheme, making them ideal for injecting visual interest into spaces that are otherwise challenging or subjected to high foot traffic.

Copper tabletops

Copper tabletops can be exceptionally effective when paired with the right piece. Whether in the kitchen, utility room, dining area, hallway, lounge, or elsewhere, their versatility knows no bounds.

Copper can be elegantly integrated onto almost any surface. Elevating a space with the timeless sophistication of a copper tabletop is a straightforward yet impactful way to level up a space with a touch of class.

Copper pendant lights

Copper pendant lights provide a cost-effective way to introduce an element of sophistication to a room. They work best when incorporated into a cohesive design that complements other significant pieces to enhance the overall ambience of the space.

Pendant lighting not only adds aesthetic appeal but also serves as a versatile source of practical or mood lighting. Their adaptability in interior design is a testament to their frequent appearance.

Cooker hoods

Cooker hoods are our final suggestion for high-end interior design. They not only look the part, they play the part too.

These kitchen necessities serve a dual purpose, both aesthetically and functionally, allowing you to make a bold statement.

The timeless appeal of natural or aged copper makes for a wonderful display as a focal point within your kitchen, while the hygienic copper cooker hood contributes to its practicality.

Bespoke copper products

For those seeking to add a touch of timeless elegance to their high-end property developments, Halman Thompson handcrafts bespoke copper products for any interior design project. Known for their craftsmanship in manufacturing luxury metal products and creating bespoke masterpieces, their dedication to quality craftsmanship shines through.

From exquisite copper bathtubs to stunning splashbacks and practical worktops, Halman Thompson's in-house artisans handcraft each piece with meticulous attention to detail.

Halman Thompson creates everything to order, tailoring every item to the client's specifications, including product type, dimensions, shape, and desired patina.

With Halman Thompson, clients can rely on the expertise and craftsmanship needed to add a touch of class and elevate the interior design of any project.



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