Everything You Need To Know About Solar Batteries

September 13, 2023

Without a doubt, the pinnacle of solar energy comes with a battery system for your solar panels. The new self-consumption models are updated about the technological development in the market. SolarLab is committed to clarifying every development in the sector. Therefore, today, I will stop at explaining this type of system.

The reasons for the rise in storage systems are given by more significant savings on the electricity bill. However, how do batteries work in a solar panel installation? What types exist, and what technologies do they use for their operation? More importantly, how to calculate the solar panel that you need. SolarLab details everything you need to know in the following questions. Here we go!

What is solar panel storage used for?

In case you didn’t know, there is the possibility of installing batteries for your solar panel system in your home, business, or neighborhood community. These save the energy produced that you do not use for later use. I will use this electricity at night since the sun is not present and our plates will not have any performance.

Storage systems are also common in off-grid installations. Most are usually second homes away from the grid and only have solar panels to generate electricity. In this case, batteries for Solar Panels Northumberland are essential since we will not have any other type of energy when the energy produced by our solar installation runs out.

What are the advantages of having batteries for solar panels?

If you are committed to energy efficiency, battery systems for solar panels are a mandatory element that you must have. Depending on the type of battery, its advantages far outweigh its few drawbacks.

However, to give you an idea of ​​its benefits on a global level, here is a summary:

1. Savings on your electricity bill: By not using energy during the cheapest billing period (P3), the storage system will provide us with much more significant savings since we will not use any energy from the network.

2. Energy independence: This lack of energy consumption from the network will make it easier to distance ourselves from our electricity company. In short, with batteries, we save the energy we produce, so any change or alteration in the electricity market price will not harm us.

3. Efficiency and assured operation: Battery systems for solar panels have an increasingly advanced development, which makes them more reliable, safe, and durable over time.

What types of batteries for solar panels do we find on the market?

Going to the more technical part, we find several types of batteries for solar panels that will offer us one performance or another. All of those that we are going to define are suitable for implementation. However, some will offer better features or advantages than others. Currently, we find the following:

1. Monoblock batteries: They are the most common solar panel batteries we can find. They are block-shaped, although inside they are divided by cells that distribute all their voltage. They are the typical ones that we find in vehicles or trucks. It is not recommended for solar installations, although it can be used for minimal installations. The reason is that they have low capacity and are designed to perform at 100% of their capacity.

2. Stationary batteries: They are similar to monoblock batteries but have a larger size and advantages. Each corresponds to one of the monoblock cells, so it has a lower voltage. However, it can carry much more energy as it has a much higher amperage. They take up a lot of space but offer much more excellent performance.

3. Lithium batteries: They are currently the most demanded by the market, as they offer the best performance. They have little weight and a reduced size compared to the stationary ones. In addition, its discharge depth is 90% compared to 60% of the others. This means that we can use the battery up to its 90% capacity without the inverter indicating a lack of energy.

What technologies do solar panel batteries use for their operation?

After analyzing the types of solar panel batteries we can find on the market, it is time to look at their manufacturing and operating technology. Today, I find different technologies that can coincide depending on the types of storage systems we have. Some of them are the following:

1. Lead-acid: The cheapest technology we find on the market. In short, inside, we find different lead plates flooded by a liquid, in this case, acid.

This offers a very intense starting level, but our installation is not interested in this, as it is more beneficial for maintaining a high and constant energy supply. They are characterized by being the ones that offer the least durability (3–5 years).

2. AGM: Offers performance similar to lead-acid technology. The only difference is that you do not have to refill the acid when it runs out. Therefore, it does not require maintenance. Inside, the lead plates are impregnated with an acid band they need for their operation.

3. Gel: It is the best technology. Its function is the same as in AGM batteries, but in this case, instead of impregnating the lead with acid, it does so using a viscous product or gel. It offers the most extended life cycles for batteries; their performance is the most efficient and lasts the longest.

What are the prices of batteries for solar panels?

Opting for a storage system in your solar installation will increase the total budget. However, you will recover it more quickly by not using grid power. Defining the exact prices for each type or technology of batteries for solar panels would be very extensive, so we have prepared this summary to give you a small idea:

1. Batteries with high prices: Here, we find lithium batteries or those that use gel technology. They are the ones that offer the best features and the ones that we can obtain the most outstanding performance and capacity from. They usually range between $2,000 and $5,000.

2. Intermediate or affordable prices: Stationary and AGM batteries would fall into this category. They offer advantages in their maintenance, their durability is more than acceptable, and they complement well with photovoltaics. Their price range varies between $1,000 and $2,500.

3. Low-cost batteries: Lead-acid or monoblock batteries appear in this section. They are very cheap, although their use is not indicated for solar installations. Furthermore, they are rejected when applying for aid or subsidies. For less than $200, you can get them.


Battery systems for solar panels have become essential for all those who love energy efficiency. It is a broad market where we find different types and technologies that will vary their benefits and characteristics. Furthermore, leaning towards storage is a clear step towards energy independence and savings.


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