Exploring Different Design Options for Your Custom Home

September 12, 2023


One of the benefits of building a custom home is design flexibility. However, with the seemingly endless options, it's easy to get swept up in "option overload."

During design meetings, it's important to remain open-minded. Here are some practical tips to help you avoid getting blown away by the possibilities:

Exterior Design

You can add style and flair to your home's exterior design in many ways. From the color of your garage door to a fire pit, plenty of options will make your house stand out from the crowd.

Another way to make your home's exterior design unique is to increase its privacy. This can be done by adding plants or fences that will prevent people from being able to see into your house.

A common trend in new home designs is a more personalized aesthetic that reflects the homeowner's personality. We're also seeing a focus on the entire home, from the outside to the inside, including outdoor living spaces. Increasing your home's security is a big priority for homeowners, and a well-designed exterior can help keep intruders out and family members safe.

Interior Design

You'll need to make a lot of decisions about your interior design. Some of these choices will stick with you for a long time, so checking samples of custom home builder pictures and making thoughtful decisions is important. A good custom builder will guide you through the process and help you lock down your wish list items so they can be included in your project.

You can also ask your custom builder about working with an interior designer to streamline the process and make it less stressful. Interior designers can make your experience much more enjoyable, but they're only right for some.

For example, you like to be very hands-on in the process and want to be involved with every decision made throughout the construction of your home. There might be better options than working with an interior designer.

Landscaping & Hardscaping

When you hear "landscaping," many people think of trees, plants and flowers that increase a home's overall curb appeal and value. However, hardscaping is an equally important part of the landscaping process.

Hardscaping refers to man-made features within a landscape design created with non-living materials like gravel, stone, brick or wood. These include walkways, stairs, fences and water features.

Structures such as gazebos and pergolas are another form of hardscaping, offering shade and shelter for outdoor gatherings. Patios, decks and retaining walls are also examples of hardscape designs that extend living space into the outdoors.

If you plan on building a patio or other outdoor structure, speaking with a general contractor is best before you start. They can advise you on different styles, materials and further details. Also, they can recommend contractors specializing in the type of structure you want to build.


As you make your way through the selection process, it is important to remember that every option adds to your final cost. Often, builders offer a budgeting service and will talk with you about your choices and how they impact your overall price. Be sure to prepare a list of your must-haves and items you can live without before going to the design center, as this will help you avoid overspending.

As the world of home building continues to evolve, many custom buyers are adding features that enhance their lifestyle through health, entertainment or comfort. Yoga studios and resistance pools for health, game rooms and theaters for fun, and screened-in porches and warm hearths for comfort are just some options that can be included in your custom build.



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