How To Check If Names Are Trademarked - Ensure Unique Identity

September 7, 2023

So, you've brainstormed the perfect name for your new business, product, or blog. Exciting, right? But hold on—have you ever paused to consider if that catchy name is already trademarked?

Overlooking this crucial step could land you in hot water, facing legal battles and hefty fines. Ouch! Why risk your hard work and investment?

Think of trademarks as the "VIP passes" of the business world. They give exclusive rights to names, logos, and slogans. You wouldn't want to crash someone else's VIP party uninvited, would you? In this article, we'll guide you through the maze of checking for trademarked names.

We'll break down the jargon and offer straightforward steps, akin to teaching you how to fish in a sea filled with legal sharks.

Ready to safeguard your brand and sleep easy? Let's dive in.

Understanding Trademarks

A trademark is more than just a name; it's a unique identifier that distinguishes products and services from others in the market.

Names can be of different types, and you're not limited to straightforward or descriptive ones. In fact, finding funny names ideas for your business can not only make your brand memorable but could also make it easier to secure a trademark, given its uniqueness.

Whether you opt for a witty, humorous, or downright quirky name, the key is to ensure it aligns with your business's identity and mission while also being distinct enough to set you apart from the competition.

Importance of Trademarks

Brand Identity and Protection

Trademarks are pivotal in carving out a distinct identity in a crowded marketplace. They not only give a business its unique identity but also offer legal protection against imitations and infringements.

Ever noticed how certain logos or brand names instantly remind you of a specific product or service? That's the power of a trademarked identity.

Consumer Trust

Recognizing a trademarked name or logo can be the deciding factor for many consumers. It signifies trust, quality, and consistency.

Types of Trademarks


Registered Trademarks

These are symbols, names, or slogans officially registered with national trademark offices, like the USPTO in the US or the IPO in the UK.

Once registered, the trademark holder has exclusive rights to use it. For instance, the iconic Apple logo is a registered trademark, and no other tech company can use it.

State Trademarks

Specific to the U.S., these are trademarks registered within individual states. Why would a business do this?

Well, if a company operates solely within one state, a state trademark might be more relevant and cost-effective than a federal one. But remember, its protection is limited to that state's borders.

Steps to Check Trademarks in the US

1. The Digital Route: USPTO's TESS System

What is TESS

The Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) is the go-to online platform for checking trademarks in the US. Imagine it as a vast digital library, housing details of every registered trademark.

How to Use TESS

Simply navigate to the USPTO's main page, find the 'Search Trademark Database' option, and voilà, you're in TESS. Type in your desired name or logo, and the system will show if it's already trademarked. Think of it as a Google search, but specifically for trademarks.

2. Deep Dive with TSDR Database

Unraveling TSDR

The Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR) database is like the backstage of the trademark world. It not only tells you if a name is trademarked but also reveals its current status.

Why is TSDR Important

Ever wondered if a trademark application was accepted or rejected? Or if a registered trademark has now lapsed? TSDR holds the answers. All you need is the registration or serial number of the trademark in question, and you can track its journey.

3. State-Specific Trademark Databases

Why States Matter

The US is a federation of states, each with its own set of rules. While federal trademarks offer nationwide protection, state trademarks protect within state borders. So, if you're launching a local business, this is your turf.

How to Navigate State Databases

Each state in the US has its trademark database. For example, if you're planning to open a café in Texas, you'd want to ensure no one in Dallas, Austin, has your chosen name. Check the Texas state trademark database, and you'll be on the safe side.

Steps to Check Trademarks in the UK

1. Getting Acquainted: The UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) Database

What is the IPO

The UK Intellectual Property Office, commonly known as IPO, is the official government body responsible for intellectual property rights in the UK. Think of it as the guardian of ideas, ensuring they remain unique and protected.

Why the IPO

Ever had a brilliant idea and wondered how to shield it from copycats? The IPO is your first port of call. It's the fortress where brand names, logos, and even inventions are safeguarded.

2. Navigating the Trademark Search in the UK

Starting the Journey

Initiating a trademark search in the UK is like embarking on a treasure hunt. The first step? Dive into the IPO database via the government website.

How to Search

Whether it's by keyword, owner, or trademark number, the IPO database offers multiple avenues. Curious if 'British Brews' is already taken? A quick keyword search will reveal the answer. And if you're wondering about recent additions, the IPO's online journal showcases the latest accepted applications.

3. Pricing It Right: Costs of Trademark Registration


The Price Tag

Quality comes at a price, and in the UK, trademarking your brand will set you back by £200 for a standard online application. But when you weigh it against the peace of mind and protection it offers, it's a small price to pay, isn't it?

Why Invest

Imagine the heartbreak of building a brand, only to find someone else swooping in and claiming the name. The registration fee is a protective shield, ensuring your brand remains uniquely yours.

4. Treading Carefully: Restrictions in Trademarking Names

The No-Go Zone

Not all names can be trademarked. If you're thinking of naming your food processor 'The Food Blender', think again. Literal descriptions don't make the cut.

Finding the Sweet Spot

The key is to strike a balance between creativity and relevance. While 'The Food Magician' might pass the test, 'The Ultimate Food Processing Machine' might be too descriptive. The challenge? Crafting a name that's both unique and resonates with your product.

Practical Tips and Tricks for Trademark Searches

1. Harnessing the Power of Online Search Engines

The Preliminary Check

Before diving deep into official databases, why not start with a simple Google search? Type in your desired brand name and see what pops up. If 'Blue Sky Shoes' brings up a dozen shoe stores, you might want to reconsider.

Why Search Engines

They offer a quick snapshot of what's out there. While they won't provide the legal status of a name, they can give you an idea of its popularity and usage.

2. The Mystery of Fictitious Name Databases

What's in a Fictitious Name

Ever come across quirky business names like 'Curl Up and Dye' for a salon? These creative names, often registered for branding purposes, reside in fictitious name databases in some states.

Why Bother with These Databases

While they might not offer the legal protection of a trademark, they're a treasure trove of business names in use. Checking them ensures you're not stepping on someone else's creative toes.

3. Staying Updated: Recent Trademark Applications and Amendments

The Ever-Changing Trademark Landscape

The world of trademarks is dynamic, with new applications and changes every day. Remember the buzz when a famous tech company slightly altered its logo? That's the world of trademark amendments for you.

Why Keep an Eye Out

By monitoring recent applications, you're not just staying updated; you're staying ahead. It's like getting a sneak peek into the future of the business landscape. And who wouldn't want that advantage?


Navigating the world of trademarks is essential for any business aiming to carve a unique identity. By understanding the tools and databases available, you can ensure your chosen name remains exclusive to your brand.

Taking these steps not only safeguards your business from potential legal challenges but also reinforces trust with your audience. Remember, in the vast marketplace, a distinct and protected name can be your most valuable asset.


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