How to Get the Most Out of Your Beach Wedding: 3 Things to Consider

September 14, 2023

Couples who are planning to get married soon often have a difficult choice when it comes to the location of their special day. Some might think of having a wedding in a traditional setting, such as a church or a popular event venue in the city. Others may be looking into places where nature takes centre stage, such as a vineyard, a farm, or the mountainside.

But if you want your wedding to be truly spectacular and memorable, having the wedding on the best beach in Abu Dhabi, for instance, may be the better option.

Imagine your guests watching the gentle waves hitting the shoreline before the ceremony starts, the feel of white sand between your toes as you walk down the aisle, the sounds of the surf captivating your wedding party all around, the scent of salt in the breeze as you take a deep breath, and seeing the captivating dramatic hues of the sunrise or sunset explode as you and your partner exchange vows. A picturesque beach certainly is the best setting for your big day.

To make sure that everything will go smoothly, here are three crucial things to consider when planning a beach wedding.

1. Location

The best location for your beach wedding depends greatly on your preferred style and the list of guests. Here are some of the best location options:

A beach resort or hotel

A hotel or restaurant located on a beach can offer you the water views you desire, along with a venue that is equipped with staff and other equipment to help make your dream wedding a reality. Although this option can be more expensive than preparing everything yourself, it can be much less stressful for you overall – and that’s certainly how you want to feel on your big day.

A public beach

A beach where anyone can sunbathe, swim, or host events is also a great option, especially if you live nearby and you want your family, friends, and relatives to witness your special day. Just make sure to plan early so you can reserve a section of the beach for your wedding. Also, you must have a plan in place for after-party clean-up.

A private beach or island

A private beach near your residence or perhaps out of the country offers seclusion and involves fewer regulations. In Abi Dhabi, your best option would be a luxurious beachfront property like Saadiyat Island for a truly memorable and exclusive wedding venue.

Destination weddings are a wonderful way to get married while you and your guests take a break from their hectic daily schedules and normal routine. Once you have a specific country in mind, choose a venue that suits the size of your wedding party, style, and budget. It is also highly recommended that you visit the place ahead of time before committing to see if the place can accommodate the vision you have in mind for your special day.

2. Time of day

Extreme temperatures are not comfortable for anyone, especially if you have elderly individuals and children on your guest list. The best way to avoid discomfort during your wedding ceremony is to set your beach wedding for early in the morning or late in the afternoon. This will also let you enjoy the beautiful sunrise or sunset.

But if you can’t have your wedding at any of these times, you can still hold it during the afternoon. Just make sure to choose a shady spot on the beach so everyone can be protected from the sun and excessive heat and catch a cool breeze.

In addition to checking the weather in advance, you must also look into the tide schedule. Take note that tides coming in create a loud noise and increase the risk of water creeping up on the shoreline during the ceremony. And don’t forget to inform your guests about the weather and tide conditions so they can dress accordingly.

3. What to wear

Picking a bridal dress for your beach wedding takes some insight, but this does not mean that you have limited choices. For example, you can’t wear a gown that is too long (at the risk of the train getting caught on things in the sand or being awkwardly whipped about by a strong gust of wind), but you can still opt for a full-bodied traditional dress or a fitted, sexy fishtail one. Keep in mind that you must pick a wedding dress that is beautiful and allows you to move easily in the sand.

Also, you must consider the material of the dress. Make sure that it is light and cool. Some of the best options include a whimsical or flirty short wedding dress.

Your veil deserves serious consideration as well. The breeze can be a pain if you wear a long veil, so it is better to opt for a shorter veil that only covers your face. Otherwise, you can replace this traditional component with a flower garland or a headpiece to complement your wedding dress.

As for your shoes, cute wedges or flats are some of the best options for beach weddings. But you can still wear your killer heels if you want to at your reception once you’re all on solid ground. Another great option is to go barefoot in the sand!

For the groom, a linen sports suit can be a great idea. For the groomsmen, they can opt for a loose shirt and pants. For the bridesmaids, light and airy fabrics like cotton, linen or crepe are highly recommended to ensure comfort throughout the ceremony.

A Memorable “I Do” at the Beach

It takes extra effort and attention to detail to plan and put together a beach wedding you’ll never forget. From choosing the best location, to picking your wedding dress, to ensuring the comfort and enjoyment of all of your guests, there are several key decisions that must be carefully made to make the event as memorable and unique as possible.

When planned with care, your beach wedding can run smoothly and without a hitch. So take these three things into consideration, plan early, and look forward to the romantic celebration of love that you’ve long been dreaming of.


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