How to Tell if a Wig Looks Fake and Ways to Make It Look More Natural

September 7, 2023


If you love your wig but want to take your wig-wearing game up a notch and get a Cheap Wigs Online at WigShopStop has got you covered with tips to help you blend the wig seamlessly with your style and appearance.

Whether you're new to wigs or just looking for ways to elevate your look, follow this detailed guide to avoid the telltale signs of a fake wig and make it look as natural as possible.

Beating the Shine Game

Some fake-looking wigs have a glossy, plastic-like shine that real hair simply doesn't have. Use dry shampoo to reduce the shine and make it look more natural. If your wig has a flat color or the hair is too straight, tousle it a bit to tone down that over-the-top shine.

Hacking a Natural Hairline

Avoid cartoonish hairlines by choosing lace front wigs or adding bangs, baby hairs, or different hair lengths along the edge to blend in with your natural hairline.

Nailing the Color and Texture

Choose a wig color that compliments your skin tone and add layers, waves, or curls to create a more natural texture.

Making it Fit Like a Glove

Ill-fitting wigs are a dead giveaway. Ensure you measure your head correctly before purchasing and adjust the straps for a snug fit that blends with your natural hairline.

Keeping Cap and Wefts Under Wraps

Visible caps or wefts give away that you're wearing a wig. Hide them using styling techniques or products to create a seamless look.

Embrace the Movement

Just like real hair, your wig should have some movement. Comb through it throughout the day to maintain a natural look instead of a stiff hairstyle.

Stay Stylishly Current

Avoid outdated or overly styled hairdos. Keep your wig fresh and authentic by choosing a style that matches your head shape, skin tone, and personal vibe. Don't just follow trends – envision how it will suit your unique look.

TLC is Key

Wigs requires maintenance and care to be in healthy shape. Wash your wig every 6-8 wears using appropriate products. Neglecting proper care can result in tangles, frizz, and a synthetic appearance. Don't skip out on the maintenance routine.

Mimic a Real Scalp

Real hair allows glimpses of the scalp between strands. If you desire a similar effect, opt for a wig with a scalp-like part, such as those with hand-tied tops. If your wig has a zigzag part, use a brush to blend it for a more natural look.

Knowing When to Move On

Let's be realistic, Wigs aren't meant to last forever. Over time, they wear out like any heavily used item. Synthetic wigs typically last 3-6 months with proper care, while human hair wigs can last around 9-12 months. When your wig starts looking less like your real deal and more like a costume, it's high time you start considering a fresh one.

At, we totally get that your hair is a major part of how you show off your unique vibes and personal swag. Whether you're all about snagging some Cheap Wigs Online to level up your style game, or you're in the market for some legit real hair wigs due to health stuff, we've got an epic lineup waiting for you. We take pride in hooking you up with top-notch stuff, bringing in new ideas, and ensuring you're grinning.


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