Increase Your Vehicle's Storage Capacity With A Rooftop Cargo Carrier

September 25, 2023

Car modifications can take any number of forms. While some folks may be looking to up their game with a set of drag slicks, maybe you just want a little more cargo capacity to get your family and luggage to the same place in one trip. If that's the case, it's time to explore rooftop carriers for your car.

Types of Rooftop Carriers

There are several styles of rooftop carriers that you can purchase. The most economical are soft-sided styles. These are basically large bags that you fill up and strap to your roof. They are practical and affordable but may be lacking in other areas. For example, they are not as durable as other styles and they offer no security for your belongings.

The other popular type of rooftop system has a hard shell. These offer weathertight protection and keep your possessions well out of sight. They come in different cargo capacities, so you can choose the size that meets your needs. As a bonus, it would take a lot more to pry a locked cargo box open than cut through a nylon bag, too, so potential thieves will likely think twice before trying to pry one open.

Benefits of Rooftop Carriers

One of the greatest things about adding a rooftop carrier is that, unlike with a trailer, you don't have to worry about electrical connections. There is no need to dig through a wiring diagram for your car to ensure you have everything hooked up right. You simply strap it on the roof and head off to your destination.

Another great feature is that your cargo is kept out of the weather in a rooftop bin. Whether you choose a hard or soft carrier, they are made with weatherproof materials so you can get your gear from one place to the next without it getting soaked.

What To Look for in a Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Shopping for a cargo bin isn't difficult once you know what to look for. Keeping these features in mind will help you choose the right system for your cargo and vehicle:

  • Quality materials: Shop for a product made with premium materials. Basically, go with the best you can find within your budget. This will ensure years of trouble-free use without the need for repairs or replacement.
  • Cargo capacity:
  • Compatibility with your car: Rooftop carriers mount onto the cross rails of your car's roof rack. You must find a model that matches the width of your frame system or mounting will be difficult (if not impossible).
  • Ease of use: Try to find a model that is easy to open from the ground. This is more important if you have a high-profile vehicle like an SUV. Side and rear opening options may make it easier in some cases.

Accessories To Make the Most of Your Car's Space

Cargo carriers are some of the most useful accessories to increase cargo space in any type of vehicle. They attach easily and allow for safe, secure transportation of personal items. Shop online for the perfect fit when you are ready to find the right one for your vehicle.


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