Keep Your Home and Your Family Safe: Learn the Signs Associated With an Electrical Fire

September 13, 2023


Electrical fires can cause a lot of damage quickly. Unfortunately, since many of them start behind walls or in crawl spaces, you may not realize there's a fire until the fire has grown in size. Most electrical fires start from either bad wiring or overloading your electrical system. Having annual residential electric inspections can help you to reduce the risk of a fire happening. Learning the signs of an electrical fire may help you to catch the problem early, minimizing damage and helping you to get your family and pets out of the home safely. Here are some signs of electrical fire every homeowner should familiarize themselves with.

Buzzing Sounds From Switches or Outlets

One of the signs that you may hear if there is potential for an electrical fire, or if one has already started, is a buzzing sound. This sound typically comes from light switches and electrical outlets, but you may also hear it around light fixtures or your electric panel box. Unfortunately, buzzing can indicate that there's a problem with the wiring or there's a short, as well as being an indicator of an electrical fire. If you hear buzzing that's accompanied by one or more signs below, there may be an electrical fire.

Charred or Discolored Outlets or Switches

If there is an electrical fire, your outlets, and light switches may start to become discolored. They may turn brown or black. You may also start to see soot around the edges of the light switch or holes where you insert the prongs into the outlet. You may also see charr marks on the outlet or switch. This is a key indication that there is an electric fire directly behind or near the outlets or switches that are affected.

Hot Electrical Components

When you go to turn on a light switch or plug an item into an outlet, you expect the switch or outlet to be cool or room temperature. But, if it's hot to the touch, you may be dealing with a big problem, such as an electrical fire. Hot electrical components in and of themselves may not be a sign of a fire. They may simply indicate there is an issue with the wiring or the component itself. But, when hot electrical components are combined with buzzing sounds, discoloration, or unusual scents, it's a key indicator that you may be dealing with an electrical fire.

Burning Plastic Scent

Your electrical wiring is coated in plastic. Your electrical outlet covers and light switch covers are plastic. As such, if there is an electrical fire in your home, you may smell the scent of burning plastic. If you smell burning plastic, try to identify where it's coming from. If it's coming from a light fixture, outlet, or light switch, or behind a wall, you need to exit your home, as you are likely dealing with a fire.As the fire spreads, the smell may move from smelling like plastic to smelling like burning metal scent. This indicates the fire is spreading, and you need to leave your home immediately.

Unidentifiable Fishy Scent

One of the most unusual, and lesser-known, indicators of an electrical fire is a fishy scent. If you smell a fishy scent in your home, and you have no idea why, you are likely about to experience an electrical fire or one has just started. The fishy scent is caused by the chemical coating on electrical components being burned away. Many homeowners report smelling this scent immediately prior to an electrical fire happening or just after one has started. As soon as you smell this scent, try to get to your electrical panel and shut it off. Then safely exit your home.

If you notice any signs of electrical fire in your home, you should lead your family and pets safely. Once you are safely out of your home, call 911 or your local fire department. They can identify the fire and put it out. Once the fire has been extinguished, you will want to call in a licensed and insured electrician. They will determine why the fire started and then make the repairs that are needed so you can safely operate your home's electrical system moving forward.



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